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Opinion: changes in women's appearance that men hate


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Men are strange creatures. On the one hand, they may not notice the obvious - for example, the unsuccessful varnish on the nails of the chosen one. On the other hand, there are things that touch them so hard that they are even afraid to marry. Suddenly you get married, and in the end you will get THIS? On the other hand, some of the items on this list are really age-related, such as sagging eggs or bald spots in men. And what to do?

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Short haircut. Looks good only on very young girls who have the figure of a teenager. All others can greatly miscalculate. On a large, stout woman, a short haircut and a medium-length haircut looks somehow very aunty, adds age. In adulthood, too, is not young - not for nothing that Hollywood diva, several times trying to come out with a stylish haircut, immediately increase everything back.

A short haircut visually transformed stylish Julia Wang from a beautiful woman into a weary kid, and Vera Brezhnev from a girl in a million to a girl from a neighboring entrance. Not even short Monika Bellucci adorned a short haircut. So without special reasons, cutting hair for the sake of the experiment is not recommended. Very few people it really goes.

Another thing is that in some situations the female body decides for the hostess what haircut to wear. For some, hair falls out under the influence of stress or hormonal imbalance. In addition, with age, many of the hair really becomes thinner. And then the haircut becomes the only salvation. I honestly think a stylish haircut looks much better than pathetic rat tails. But there's nothing you can do about it.

By the way, many men go even further and spread their opposition to bright hair colors. Some subconsciously feel that women are trying to hide under them, for example, gray hair. Well, this is me, just for information.

Overweight (sighs heavily). How many copies have we already broken with you about weight ... But here I must admit that excess weight really often adds a couple of years. If a woman is satisfied with this, for example, she likes to play the role of a mom in a relationship, then she can even emphasize her “feminine forms” with tight outfits. This style, I believe, also has a right to exist. I know a lot of men who secretly subscribe to all sorts of publics such as "hot mature mothers-giving". But all these ladies are really “curvy women”. They have a pronounced waist, and a noticeable, albeit drooping chest. They have a firm bottom and strong, strong legs. Such a woman has every right to be called a "milf". Such reposts regularly appear in my feed - it turns out that men are looking for such women.

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No one is looking for anyone - these are shapeless women with caterpillar figures. Typically, this appearance gives a strong tear in the soul, depression and terrible fatigue. And with this you need to do something, regardless of whether a man is needed or not.

Another thing is that the increase in a couple of kilograms with age is an inevitable phenomenon, even for those who are very, very watching the figure. But this, of course, is about a pair, not a pair of tens of kg.

Mustache. Oh. Mustache. I do not know how to explain this, and what kind of mustache it is. I do not understand why many men believe that mustaches grow after 40. I personally do not observe any pronounced mustache in my female acquaintances. Is it possible that we are talking about southern women? Or maybe some of these changes occur during menopause? What do they even mean - maybe that light fuzz that every woman has above the lip? I don’t know ladies. I do not know. But if you are in the category of "who for" and you have a mustache, then remove them nafig, in short. Mustaches are for hussars and aunts.

Tights or tight pants on a big woman. Yes, excuse me, such discrimination. Men are very fond of seeing leggings on beautiful slender ladies, or on ladies, as it was written above “with forms”. On ordinary women, they are annoying. Why do you even need to wear these disfiguring pants, if you have such a F - men wonder.

In fact, everything is simple. When a woman recovers, she becomes uncomfortable walking in the usual clothes from the mass market. Because it is stitched on thin! Even those clothes that are large in size are actually sewn on thin ones. From the point of view of darts, etc. The clothes on full are sewed differently, but it is more expensive. Therefore, just take and increase the pattern.

As a result, a woman becomes comfortable only in things from thin, tight knitwear - they do not constrain her movements. And these things, as a rule, give the ladies the most.

But in general, I noticed that most of the male claims to the "womanishness" and "toughness" of the appearance of women are based on their hatred of those adult women whom they saw in childhood. Let's say the same haircut, or breast shape can become both a fetish and an object that kills sex drive in the bud.

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I think it's all about how an older woman is perceived. As a hated "educator", "housekeeper", "housewife" or as a beloved nanny, mother, grandmother. So it should always be remembered that male perception also always sin with subjectivity. Therefore, I believe that the most powerful catalyst for treating a woman as a woman can be what comes out of her mouth. When it comes to orders, sawing or swearing, then unpleasant associations are inevitable.

Is it possible to live a whole life avoiding the "woman's" features in appearance? Probably it is possible with incredible efforts. But sooner or later, old age will take its toll. However, it is always worth remembering that beauty is not only objective data, it is also in the eyes of the beholder. And there will always be a man who will find exactly the woman's features cute and cozy. Something like this.

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