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Changing food habits after moving to America


I would like to talk a little bit about how my eating habits have changed since moving to the USA.


For example, I have never eaten avocado. In rolls, salads, or this green something (I mean guacamole). I remember once buying a hot dog at a Chilean railway station, and they stuffed me this green pasta there. I almost cried, as I was not tasty ...
Now I can’t take it by the ears, I tried it.

Cilantro ... They say that cilantro begins to eat with age. I started eating cilantro with Bukhara fish, more precisely in fish in Bukhara style. There are all thanks to the husband's mother, it turned out to be very tasty.

I stopped drinking cola and other soda. A jar of Dr. Pepper in my hand is a very rare exception, for a couple of months I haven't exactly drunk. An amazing fact, but that is the reality.

Only in America did I eat asparagus, green beans and broccoli. Well this is very tasty.
Celery is now my favorite! In the first few months I was mad at my husband that he was drinking tomato juice with celery, and then it smells to me like celery.

Now I just adore this juice, and still really love salad with tuna and celery, you can't pull it off by your ears.

Coffee was always drunk, for periods I tried to tie, but now I drink indecently a lot of coffee per day.

Water with lime or lemon. I used to always pin up in places, now I do it at home, it is tasty and helps with the daily water rate.

In my life there was less chocolate and sweets, I switched to bitter chocolate.


In my blog, I was interested, someone else changed their eating habits and in connection with what?

And it turned out that many menus changed in connection with marriage (or marriage)!

And after all the truth, my husband never loved borsch before. This is not his favorite dish now, but when I want borscht, I’m not worried that I’ll have to eat a huge saucepan by myself.

Fried cabbage. It took me almost a year to convince me to try (at least try) a couple of spoons. And what did my husband say? "Fire again tomorrow!"

Beetroot salad with garlic and walnuts is the same story. I literally stuffed it into my mouth like a little child, and then fought with forks over who would get the remaining salad.

The husband in our family is picky, and more often I adjust the menu for him, but we don’t argue about that much.

Everyone eats what he wants, and if we cannot agree on “what to cook”, then we do not cook at all, but we go to eat somewhere, and everyone takes whatever his heart desires!


Admit it, how was it with you? Changed the tastes of their second half? Or maybe for the sake of the second half?
And how come to a common denominator, when one wants a fat burger and french fries, and another wants salad and some water?

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