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Beatings, humiliation and castration: how Michael Jackson's father made him a star



In early July, a video appeared on the network featuring Conrad Murray, doctor Michael Jackson, who said that the father of the legendary pop singer Joseph Jackson resorted to chemical neutering his son to keep his high voice.

Murray did not provide any evidence of his words, but for Joe Jackson, who died at the end of June, the fame of the family tyrant long lasted: the music manager was cruel with his children, but in their education he pursued quite specific goals. "" tells the circumstances in which Joseph raised the nine Jackson, who then became famous throughout the world.

“You can't even imagine anything like that.”

“Joe Jackson was one of the worst fathers in history. His cruelty towards Michael is more than just a bad attitude. The fact that he was chemically castrated to maintain a high-pitched voice speaks for itself. I know about this from Michael. He told me about the suffering he went through because of his father. It's horrible. Nothing like this can even be imagined. I would not shed a single tear at the death of this cruel and wicked man. "

“They say that only good people die young. I hope that Joe Jackson will find redemption in Hell, ”- with this speech Murray spoke to the camera after the news of Joseph's death.

The doctor Michael Jackson had told before about the atrocities that the music manager had subjected his son in his youth. In 2016, he published the book “That's it! The secret life of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson ”, in which he stated that by order of Joseph Michael, 12-year-olds made hormonal injections to remove blackheads from his face and stop the teenage drop in voice. In the book, Murray wisely avoided the sharp corners that would have made him prove his words in court — he wrote that from a conversation with Michael, he “had the impression” that they tried to delay the maturing of a pop idol by medical methods.

Murray's statement about the chemical castration of Jackson is no longer possible to prove or disprove - the procedure is different from surgical castration and does not affect the ability to reproduce, and is generally considered reversible. It remains only to carefully examine the source of information - Murray is notorious as the person responsible for the death of Michael Jackson. 26 June 2009, the doctor made a pop idol injection of propofol, a sleeping medicine. Two hours later, Murray discovered that Jackson had ceased to show signs of life. In 2011, the doctor was sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter, and in 2013, he was released early.

Many fans of Michael Jackson, familiar with the biography of the artist, easily believed Murray's words - and this is not the authority of the musician’s attending physician, but Joseph’s disgusting reputation as the father of nine Jacksons. His children music manager from an early age preparing for a stellar career, not paying attention to their own interests.

“I’m trapped and I’ll have to do this for the rest of my life.”

Michael Jackson began working for his father at the age of five - Joseph formed the group The Jackson 5 from his children. In addition to Michael, the brothers Jermain, Tito, Jackie and Marlon were included in it. The tabloids wrote that Jackson Sr. used The Jackson 5 tour for love affairs - he cheated on his wife Catherine, who stayed at home with younger family members. He did not hide this from the children, and they did not dare to tell his mother anything. Many years later, the family learned that Joseph had another child — a daughter named Joe Vonnie.

Michael recalled how he longed to play football with his peers in the park across the street, but he had to sit in the studio until late at night and record albums. “I was sitting there, looking at these children, and tears were rolling from my eyes. I said, “I'm trapped and I have to do this for the rest of my life. I signed a contract. " But I wanted so badly to be among them, it just killed me.

“I just wanted to make a friend and say 'Hello!' I remember walking the streets in search of a person with whom I could communicate, ”- said Michael.

To keep his five young sons in the studio, Joe made them fear himself. And he achieved this by physical methods. For the first time, Jackson confessed to beating his children in 2010 a year in an interview with TV host Oprah Winfrey. He stated that he didn’t regret a bit about it: “Thanks to this, they didn’t go to prison and learned how to behave properly.” As a tool for education, he used only a belt and a rod. Joseph's wife Catherine did not see anything reprehensible in this: "So dark-skinned people raise their children."

“I am pleased that I was strict with them, because look what happened in the end: I grew up with children whom I love all over the world. And they treat everyone well. ” Joseph Jackson.

- He used only a belt?
- Why are you doing this to me? - Michael covers his face with his hands. - Not just a belt.

The pop musician claimed that his mother always tried to protect the children from the flaming Joe. “She was always there when he started to freak out, beat us. I can even hear it now: “Joe, no, you won't kill them. Not! No Joe. It too!" And he began to destroy furniture. It was terrible, "he said. According to Michael, communication with his father traumatized him as much as assault. “One day he told us, 'If you suddenly stop singing, I will throw you out like trash.' It hurt me very much, ”Jackson admitted. Childhood abuse made the pop star physically fearful of his father - he had uncontrollable gagging every time he saw Joseph.

“I don't think he was afraid of me. He was afraid that he could do something wrong and I would punish him - not hitting him. I never beat him the way the press writes. ” Joseph Jackson.


La Toya Jackson with his father. Photo: Instagram

"He thought he was doing everything right."

The daughters of Joseph also had experience with the assault of the father. Michael's older sister, La Toya Jackson, in 1991, accused her father of seduction. She made this statement when she released the biography of "La Toya: Growing Up in the Jackson Family." In the memoirs themselves, the singer did not mention violence against herself. Her relatives said that the girl was slandering her father’s reputation because of the pressure of her manager, Jack Gordon.

Later, La Toya admitted that she was practically hostage to Gordon, while he forced her to make loud, unsupported statements about her father and brother (in 1993, she announced that she had evidence of the seduction by Michael of young children, which Gordon was going sell to the press for 500 thousands of dollars. The event made a lot of noise, but La Toya did not have any information). In the end, she said she regretted the conflict with her own family.

The youngest member of the star family, Janet Jackson, wrote in her memoirs that she remembers the only time her father hit her: she was about seven years old, this happened when she was leaving the bathroom. “I don’t remember what I did. I don't remember if I really deserved it. In addition to this incident, the father never touched me, ”the singer claimed.

According to her, the boys in the family fell far more, but he did all this for the good: “He wished us only good. I believe that he did not always choose the best path in education, but he did his job. Maybe it's because of the way he was raised - he thought he was doing everything right, because he didn't know how to do otherwise. ”

Joe Jackson achieved his goal - his family became known throughout the world. However, relationships with many children, when they matured, turned out to be spoiled. Michael in this sense was no exception - after becoming famous, the singer refused to meet with his father, if he did not make an appointment in advance, told about his childhood injuries in an interview. Nevertheless, in the last years of Michael’s life, his relationship with Joseph had improved - he announced that he would like to stop condemning him, because he hasn’t and will not have another father.

According to a source from Jackson's entourage, six months before his death, 89-year-old Joseph, who had already suffered three heart attacks, was confined to a wheelchair and suffering from colon cancer, repented of beating his children. “Joe brought together eight surviving children and wife Katherine. He asked them for forgiveness and said that he had suffered for many years because of guilt, the source told the Sunday Express newspaper. “Now he regrets the physical methods of upbringing with which he taught children to discipline.”

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