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From rags to riches: how an American woman turned $ 500 into hundreds of millions


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In Cordia’s childhood, Harrington had to wear clothes for the elders, as parents struggled to pay the bills. A big event for the family was the monthly trip to McDonald's. Today, she is the CEO of a company that supplies rolls and muffins to McDonald's throughout America.

Usually, success comes to people who are ready to break the restrictions imposed by economic, physical and cultural boundaries. Cordia harrington is a great example of a successful person. Overcoming poverty, she was able to become one of the most influential women in the business world.

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Harrington was born into a poor working family. As a child, she had to wear clothes for seniors, as her parents struggled to pay bills. A big event for the family was the monthly trip to McDonald's. In many ways, these campaigns have affected the future of Cordia, because today she is the CEO of the company.Tennessee Bun Company"Supplying buns and English muffins to fast food restaurants McDonald'sbakery Pepperidge and other food companies around the world.

Harrington has always stood out for her resourcefulness and desire to succeed. The first successful steps she made in the field of real estate.

Cordia decided to become a realtor and invested all her savings - $ 587 in office rent.

Soon she began to sell houses faster than contractors could build them. Tired of expectations, Harrington herself decided to become a contractor:

“Instead of whining and complaining, you have to use this energy to solve current problems and then go on to the next level.”

A divorced mother of three sons, Harrington moved to Illinois and acquired a franchise McDonald'sto spend more time with your children. However, the location of the restaurant was not entirely successful (in the countryside) and Cordia was faced with the problem of attracting customers. But the determined Haringngon quickly found a way out.

Taking out a loan, she acquired a franchise of a bus line.Greyhounds”And made a mandatory stop near her restaurant. The strategy was very successful.

“I could proudly say that the order of 90 buses a day stayed near McDonald'sand over 120 in the summer. Sales increased rapidly, ”recalls Cordia.

Harrington soon opened two more franchises McDonald's in the north of the central part of the country. In 1992, she joined the roll control committee. McDonald's. During business trips, Cordia saw an excellent opportunity to start a baking business. When McDonald's announced that they needed a bun supplier, Harrington was determined to enter into a contract, even though she had no experience in this field.

For the next year, she studied bakery 4, visited the bun factory and sent photos from her trips to executives. McDonald's. In an interview "Reader's Digest" she said:

“If you have a dream, you should not expect someone to call you to fulfill it. So I went to the bun factory, took photos in the form of a baker and told the management McDonald'sI want to be their supplier. ”

Her perseverance gave results. Harrington contracted with McDonald's. Having sold the franchise, she invested all the capital in the project and took out a loan in the amount of $ 13.5 million. Thus, in 1996, the company was bornTennessee Bun Company". Today, TBN is the fastest bun production company in the world (roughly 1000 per minute).

To make sure that the buns get to customers on time, Harrington established a shipping company.Bun lady trucking". Expanding her business, she opened a bakery in 2007.CornerStone Baking Company"Engaged in the manufacture of frozen dough for several famous restaurants.

Through many years of hard work, perseverance, and self-confidence, the story of Cordia Harrington has become a true story of the realization of the American dream.

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