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Ivanka Trump conquered the fans with a dress for 35 dollars


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On Monday morning, the ubiquitous paparazzi caught President Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on her way to work, dressed in a short black dress with a floral print.
Since such a dress is quite popular, the author of this dress and its value could be recognized quickly enough.

This dress is from the capsule collection. Victoria Beckham for hypermarket Target, and its cost is only $ 35. Moreover, on some sales the price of this dress does not exceed $ 18. In addition to the dress, Ivanka chose a small black handbag of her own brand.

Usually, the president’s daughter is affable to journalists, but this morning she was serious and focused, so she put on her sunglasses and quickly turned away from the clicking cameras.
Despite the cheapness of this lovely dress, as well as the fact that it was not made in the singular - the general appearance of Ivanka still confirms her wonderful taste and excellent figure. And even the most vicious critics have quieted down and admitted that the president’s daughter can look brilliant in any clothes.
Contrast wardrobe Ivanka amazes even the most persistent fashionistas. The day before, Ivanka and her husband, Jared, attended a reception hosted by her father and stepmother Melania, and then the couple went to the gallery of the Ford Theater.

Ivanka was shining in a dark red dress with black laces on the shoulders and waist from J. Mendel worth $ 5500. The first daughter added sparkling earrings, a silver bag and silver sandals to the chosen side.

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