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The story of a fragile blonde from Michigan who was an 110 kilogram male marine


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A resident of Madison Heights, Michigan, Sona Avedyan was not always a slender and well-groomed blonde, as she can be seen in numerous photos on the Internet. Back in 2013, she was known as Matthew Avedyan, a veteran of the Iraq war, a loving husband and father. An American transgender told how she changed not only her body, but her whole life.

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“I always knew that.”

At the age of seven, little Matthew put on his elder sister's dresses and walked around the house in heels, says report. He always felt that he wanted to be a girl, but his deeply religious family did not want to know about his son's addictions. The boy realized that society would not allow him to change, and tried to forget about his desires. Only occasionally, between school and basketball practice, did he lock himself in his room and try on skirts.

At the age of 23, Avedyan entered the military service and became a marine. He went to Iraq seven times, participated in the hostilities. The man followed the “American dream” in everything: he married a good woman, raised his daughter, earned good money and drove a sports car. The man had a brutal and even intimidating appearance, gained weight up to 110 kilograms and grew a thick beard.

However, despite a secure family life with 29-year-old Lucy and the birth of a child, over the years it became increasingly difficult for Avedian to hide his true face.

“I did not understand how I could be a good father and teach my daughter honesty and nobility if I myself live in a lie,” Matthew explains.

When in 2012 the couple started having problems in their intimate life, the American told his wife that he felt like a woman locked in a man's body. Lucy promised to be there and support him in all endeavors. But the couple divorced, and since 2013, Matthew began medical manipulations to change sex, began to live separately from his family.

Three years of harmony with yourself

After a come-out in front of her family and friends, Sona (Matthew chose this name) began her three-year journey to a feminine figure and long hair.

She got rid of excess facial hair with laser hair removal, increased her breasts to the fourth size, grew curls, began to wear women's clothing, take hormones and went on a diet.

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Sona now practices yoga daily, cycles 160 kilometers a week, has lost over 45 kilograms of weight and has changed beyond recognition.

In the process of transformation, the new Avedian lost many friends who could not accept her choice, but says that she still feels much better than before.

The nine-year-old daughter does not remember Sona in the guise of a man, but she really likes the "second mother." They communicate and maintain a warm relationship.

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After becoming a woman, Matthew left the military career and earns a living working in a taxi. At 37, Sona leads an active lifestyle and devotes a lot of time to sports.

Inspiration for others

While Sona is single, but hopes to find her new half, she dreams of "meeting a nice guy."

“I became much happier. Now I understand exactly who I am and accept myself for who I am. I used to annoy myself, was depressed and could not communicate normally with people, ”says Avedyan.

Sona started a Facebook page, where she shares her impressions from the position of the new look, uploads photos and communicates with subscribers, which are about six thousand. Through social networks, she wants to share with people "inspiration for transformation." Avedyan, among other things, leads a Youtube channel, where he publishes personal videos after changes in appearance. Some of them have over two million views.

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