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Success story: how a girl from Kazakhstan began to work for the US government



An entrepreneur and IT expert from Almaty, now living in the United States and working for a government organization, Madina Kusherbayeva told the project weproject.kzas it went to success in a new country.


For the first time, Madina found herself in America in 2004, and after 2, she was able to enter the University of Southern Indiana, where she studied journalism. In the US, she met her future husband, got married and had two children. According to Kusherbayeva, it was the family that became the main reason why she decided to stay in the States.


Madina now works as an application developer and application tester at a government organization in America, which provides low-interest loans specifically for families who have lost their homes and property during hurricanes, terrorist attacks, natural disasters and other misfortunes. She did not work in her first specialty; she mastered the IT industry, as she saw more prospects and incomes in it. At the same time, she and her husband opened stores in shopping centers closer to Christmas and sold Christmas decorations. Now Madina’s husband has a bathroom and kitchen renovation company, and she works for the government.


The entrepreneur is convinced that it is quite possible to combine business and main work with the right timing and priorities. The main thing is to pay taxes on time, and then you can run several of your own projects without fear of closure. Madina calls her credo the expression “Patience and work will grind everything”. She believes that it is important to believe in yourself, in the materiality of thoughts, in your family and that everything will be fine.

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