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The happy tail story: how a beer can helped an American recover a missing dog


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American reunited with her long-lost dog thanks to a beer can, tells a moving story Air force.

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Monica's favorite Mathis, a dog named Hazel, disappeared from her yard in Iowa back in May 2017.

But recently, a woman saw a familiar face, which looked at her from a photograph on a beer can posted on social networks.

One of the breweries, located over 1600 km in Florida, gained fame on the Internet due to the fact that it posted pictures of dogs from a local shelter on its banks to help them find a new owner.

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Hazel, which was renamed Day-Day at the shelter, was among those dogs.

How Hazel got so far is unknown.

A happy ending story

More than three years ago, the dog disappeared from the Matis yard in Iowa, and despite the efforts of her mistress, Hazel was never found.

Subsequently, Mathis moved to the city of St. Paul, Minnesota.

“I have 7 children, I was preparing to move, and at that moment I lost her,” Mathis told the BBC. “I didn't stop looking for her until we moved, and even then I called people and asked questions, but they didn’t see her.”

Hazel somehow found herself hundreds of kilometers from her home and ended up in an animal shelter.

Employees of the shelter tried using a microchip to find its owner, but the contact information is outdated.

At that time, the local Motorworks Brewing company worked with a shelter to help dogs find homes and published their photos on beer cans.

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These banks hit the news, and even featured on the hit TV show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. The story of the "beer dogs" unexpectedly appeared on the Facebook feed of Mathis, who lived many kilometers further north, in Minnesota.

“That's my dog,” she replied to the January 24 brewery post.

The shelter asked the woman to provide evidence that the dog belongs to her. Mathis managed to get confirmation from several places where she drove Hazel, for example, from a veterinary clinic.

In the end, the matter was decided, and the dog reunited with his mistress.

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