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The story of Adriana and Eliza: how a single mother lives, having given birth to a daughter in 66 years


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In 2005, the story of Adriana Iliescu, who gave birth to her first child in 66 years, got into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest mother in the world. Over the past 14 years, a woman has repeatedly faced with aversion to the public, which she overcame thanks to her daughter's love.

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To learn the story of this strong and strong-willed woman who decided to fulfill her dream of motherhood no matter what, she suggests

Why didn’t give birth before

When Adriana was 20 years old, she got married, but her husband was categorically against the children. In the end, the girl filed for divorce. And then she went headlong to work as a teacher at the University of Romania.

For 9 years, Adriana was treated for infertility and tried to get pregnant, but without success. Then the woman decided on in vitro fertilization. At that time she was already 66 years old, and she perfectly understood that she was very at risk. But most of all, Adriana finally wanted to know what the happiness of motherhood is. Many friends condemned the decision of the woman to give birth to a child. Others completely turned away, considering her act immoral.

What difficulties did Adriana face after giving birth

When the woman finally became pregnant with triplets, two of them died even in the womb, and daughter Eliza was born ahead of schedule, which is why she spent some time in intensive care. Soon the girl became better, and Adriana, being a deeply religious person, decided to baptize the baby.

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Various religious organizations have declared the woman’s decision to have a baby at such a late age terrifying and selfish. During the sacrament of baptism, the nuns looked at her askance, and Adriana even managed to hear how one of them called her Eliza a creature of evil spirits. The woman herself believes that God sent her daughter.

Elise 5 years, Adriana 71. Photo: video frame YouTube / Redescoperamasitaci

How a lonely mother lived with a baby

Adriana immediately took care of her daughter’s future by concluding an agreement with a doctor who performed the IVF procedure. It says that if the mother dies, the doctor, who is the godfather of the girl, will be the official guardian of Eliza until she comes of age.

Adriana and Eliza, 2013 shooting of the year. Photo: video frame YouTube / Observator TV

On the streets, Adriano was often mistaken for Eliza's grandmother. And a woman has repeatedly proved that the birth of a daughter is something more than a desire to amuse her vanity. Since Adriana was already retired, she could devote all her free time to raising a child.

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How a woman lives with her daughter now

By profession, Adriana is a teacher of the Romanian language and literature, as well as the author of more than 25 children's books. But her daughter is fond of exact sciences. The girl leads the life of an ordinary teenager and has already received many diplomas and certificates for winning the olympiads. In the future, Eliza expects to get a budget place at the university.

Last year's photo of Adriana and Eliza on the website of the school where the girl is studying:


Adriana and Eliza are bound by a special bond of warmth and love. Mother puts all her strength, experience and knowledge into her only child. The woman still leads a healthy and active lifestyle and seeks to participate in Eliza’s social life. Adriana is now 80 years old, she feels great and hopes to see the maturity of her daughter.

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