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Tested for yourself: the sad truth about proper nutrition


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When you get up on the path of proper nutrition, you do not even suspect what kind of problems with your head and psyche this can turn into. And turn around, if you blindly follow what is promoted through the Internet and other instagramy. Let's accept as an axiom: proper nutrition in its modern interpretation has little to do with healthy eating.

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Tatyana Kurbat: a fitness blogger, graduated from the fitness fitness courses (bodybuilding) of the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture.

What is proper nutrition and what is it eaten with?

This is a strictly limited ration, which consists of a scanty set of permitted products, Tatyana writes for Home Hearth. These products are often steamed or baked. The list, which can be exactly fall vegetables, egg whites, oatmeal, whole oatmeal, buckwheat, brown or wild rice, bran and fiber, fish and seafood, turkey. Chicken is already under question - antibiotics and hormones. Cottage cheese and milk, too - swelling from them, and the lactose intolerance suddenly blossomed with great color. All the rest is impossible - well, or in a very tiny amount.

There is another food filter - the glycemic index. An indicator that relates to carbohydrate products and shows the strength and speed with which they affect the rise in blood sugar levels and, as a result, insulin release.

What should be proper nutrition?

Caloric intake of a healthy diet (hereinafter - PP) varies, as a rule, from 800 to 1500 kcal per day. Particularly bold accelerated to 1700 kcal. But if you need to lose weight quickly, then most often it is 1200 kcal per day.

All food is certainly weighed down to a gram and is tested for consistency with the CBDI (calorie, protein, fat, carbohydrate). That is, if a slimming girl decided that she eats within 1200 per day, then she, in spite of everything, should fit into the limit. At the same time, they also get into the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Here come to the rescue applications like FatSecret or MyFitnessPal, where you can count the caloric content of almost any product or dish. With big errors, but adherents of PP close their eyes to this.

Proteins - it is absolutely safe, according to PP.

Carbohydrates are deposited in fat, so they need an eye and an eye. Fats are also dangerous, so it is better to eliminate them altogether or leave light blotches in the form of a tablespoon of flaxseed oil in the morning on an empty stomach or fatty fish once a week.

The daily ration is split into 5 − 6 meals. There is a need every 2,5 − 3 hours. Skipping meals, according to experts and experts, will certainly lead to the fact that the metabolism (aka metabolism) will turn on the brake. And everything that we eat later, certainly transformed into fat.

There is also such a thing as a cheat reader, he is an authorized gaze. But it reads fashionable. This is when once a week a PP-adept allows himself to eat everything he wants in one meal. In unlimited quantities. Even swallow the cake, though a frying pan of fried potatoes.

Separately, I want to say about salt, which is completely excluded. This most often leads to disruption of the water-salt balance in the body, which will inevitably cause swelling.

Those swelling, which look like extra pounds of fat, which later begins even more fierce struggle. Useless, really.

What leads to a reduction in calories, the rejection of fats and carbohydrates?

If you look at healthy nutrition soberly, and not under the influence of the euphoria from the kilograms melting on the scales, you can see that this is, in fact, a low-calorie diet with a very poor set of products. Doctors call this deficiency regime.

There is no talk about protein deficiency and PP-diet excludes it.

With carbohydrate deficiency a person does not receive the necessary amount of energy for a normal life - not to mention the fact that he does not have enough fuel for training. But everyone who adheres to PP knows that carbohydrates are deposited in fat. Therefore, calculated to gram.

With a shortage of fat the body turns off the light on several floors of its house at once: it stops producing hormones, pauses the reproductive function, saves on the quality of the skin, releases hair into free swimming, reduces the speed of the brain, impairs memory - and that's not all. Simply put, serious malfunctions begin in the body. Only they know about themselves not the next morning, but in a few months - when the "safety margin" ends.

It turns out this situation: we like what we see in the mirror, but our body is very, very bad from the inside.

Only we don’t hear it and we don’t feel it, because we get into a strong dependence on a new body image - thinner, with an obvious muscular relief, on which jeans of the 2005 model of the year are easily fastened. And this dependence is many times stronger than the alarm signals that the body sends.

And this is where the head and body break. At some point they cease to be friends and begin to live each according to their program: the head is afraid of everything that does not fit into the framework of the PP, and the body is trying to survive in these conditions. It is to survive, I emphasize. It suffers and is depleted, getting a mean and monotonous set of macro and micronutrients.

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The pleasure of eating

As a person who has experienced this very PP for more than a year, I can say for sure: the feeling of guilt towards herself in this story happens more often than the pleasure of eating.

You eat an apple and convulsively count in your head whether it fits into your daily calorie content.

You come to the event and when you see food, you get nervous. You break for a sweet (because you can’t stop) and then reproach yourself for it, promising to certainly increase your cardio at the next training session. You are constantly in a war with yourself and with your food.

At the same time, it is food that becomes the center of your universe: buy food for a week, cook food for tomorrow or for the whole week, weigh portions, arrange it in containers, set alarms on your smartphone for each meal, take everything with you, eat the contents of the container, where you were not at work, in the store, in the subway, again to run to the store. And so every day.

And this is against our nature. When something goes abnormally, the body resists and declares war.

He begins to behave tough and unpredictable. This we understand that everything was started for the sake of the cherished XS. And for him it looks like an attempt to kill his mistress.

Food should be fun, just like other physiological human needs! If you perceive food as proteins, fats and carbohydrates in strictly permitted proportions, you already have problems.

At that moment, when you catch yourself feeling guilty about what you eat, you can start to sound the alarm: your head and body have lost mutual understanding. And then either you take yourself in hand, or sooner or later the psychotherapist will have to do it.

Eating disorders

That is what doctors call all eating patterns that go beyond normal. Here and ororexia, and anorexia, and bulimia, and compulsive overeating. There are many more eating disorders, but these are the most common.

And if anorexia is visible to the naked eye, because a person loses weight literally to the bone, then the same orthorexia or compulsive overeating is a problem inside the person.

Fortunately, today the image of an ideal body has changed, and girls no longer chase bones and skin. Therefore, anorexia nervosa is becoming less common and, as a rule, among adolescents.

But mental disorders are gaining momentum, which are not so obvious externally, but which pose a great danger to a person.

The girl who sits on the PP and regularly trains is most likely a perfectionist. She got used to the fact that she is doing well and even perfectly. Everyone admires her successes. Therefore, when problems begin to begin in her head, she doesn’t even allow herself to openly ask for help.

How to admit to everyone that she is weak and needs support? No, she will do everything herself.

Sooner or later, problems with kilograms begin - they grow. A keen desire to control body weight causes the measures to become more and more rigid. The calorie intake decreases even more, in the list of permitted foods there are actually only cucumbers and water, more and more often food breakdowns occur. Then a stunning sense of guilt, again a restriction in food, again a breakdown - and so on in a circle.

But it all began harmlessly: weigh food, count calories, eat every three hours, do not eat nastiness.

You can try to help yourself by expanding the boundaries of what is permitted and honestly removing tough restrictions. But awareness is important here. To pretend that you allowed yourself carbs for the night is not the same thing as allowing them and relaxing. Only when the body believes you, will it go to reconciliation itself.

Help and articles of doctors - on the Internet a lot of them.

You can read the book of the psychotherapist Svetlana Bronnikova "Intuitive nutrition" - there all the food violations understand the bones. And recommendations are given to each. You can contact a specialist if you have in mind a good one. But in no case can you withdraw into yourself and keep the problem inside.

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Proper nutrition for women is a healthy diet.

Only after going through all the stages of PP, I realized that it has nothing to do with healthy eating. Healthy is intuitive. When you eat, feeling hungry, when you get joy and pleasure from eating. When the built-in calculator does not work when you see a dish in your head. When you are not afraid to eat excess fruit, because it does not fit into the KDLU. When you understand perfectly well what kind of food is harmful and which is useful, but at the same time you do not live only with thoughts about food, containers and PP-recipes, do not hang out at specialized online stores. You just live. And rejoice. And do not blame yourself. And train for fun, not to work out what you eat.

Think about it if you are at PP.

Instead of PS: how not to become a victim of proper nutrition

  • Counting calories and weighing food is, in principle, normal, if not delayed. It is enough to indulge a month to just understand what it looks like, for example, 100 of buckwheat or fish. But do not turn your life into an endless pursuit of KBRU.
  • What gives the right nutrition? Know that so far there is not a single adequate scientific research that would confirm the benefit of fractional feeding. But doctors, as one, say that frequent snacking is constantly increased insulin and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Do not allow tough restrictions. The basic truth is: the more you forbid something for yourself, the harder it will be a breakdown.
  • Without fanaticism! We all understand what an unhealthy food looks like - we refuse it. We don’t go to extremes, we don’t bake cookies made from amaranth flour with added protein and stevia.
  • Eating on sensations - when we feel hunger, and not on an alarm clock.
  • Eat without haste. That is, if we eat, it means that we eat, but do not leaf through instagram or anything else on the smartphone. So quickly come the understanding that you are full.
  • Do not make a cult of food and do not dwell on each calorie. The organism is still smarter, and it will take its own - no matter how you resist.
  • We are trying to come to terms with the fact that a healthy body is not a fat-free body. This is the hardest thing in the whole story, but you have to work with your head and the perception of the reflection in the mirror.
  • Find yourself a power system on which you can easily hold on for several years. On which both your brain and your body will be pleasant and comfortable.
  • Trust your body. And stop all control.

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