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Fix 7 common errors that make home uncomfortable


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We used to think that comfort depends on the weather in the house and the smell of pies. In fact, the secret of comfort lies in the other.

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We ourselves make mistakes in housekeeping by not paying attention to the little things that spoil the overall impression. Let's try to figure out the most common errors and how to fix them using I'm buying.

1. You save up unnecessary things.

To store junk is irrational. By trash, we mean all things that are not useful.

How to fix:

  • In the coming weekend, arrange a general cleaning. Check out every item in your apartment — from old boxes on the balcony to grandmother’s dusty service in the kitchen. Follow the rule: if you have never used a thing in the past year, you can safely get rid of it.
  • This also includes souvenirs and memorabilia. Leave only what really lifts your spirits.
  • Sell ​​unnecessary, distribute to friends or take to the nearest trash. Do not put all this in bags with the words "someday I will take to an orphanage." Be realistic and get things done.
  • Turn off the "magpie mode", which drags everything that glitters into the house. Before you buy something, ask yourself what functions the item will serve and if you really need it.

2. You do not clean

Elementary, Watson: where there is dirt, there will be no comfort. Muddy windows, rubbish on the floor, scattered socks are unpleasant to see, and it’s impossible to be in a room with such a company for a long time.

How to fix:

  • A rag in hand, a bucket of water - and go! Get rid of dust, shine windows, scrub the floor so that you would like to have a figure skating championship on it. Believe me, you will like the result so much that you will have to arrange such dances with a mop on a regular basis. Cleanliness underfoot will give you a feeling of security, and washed windows will give you a sense of spaciousness.

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3. You are constantly cold

It is quite logical that it is uncomfortable in a cold apartment. If your heating system can't keep up with heat, there are several ways to remedy the situation. Please note that each item requires a certain investment of money and time. A warm home is the key to a healthy and comfortable life (look at how Europeans keep warm in their homes).

How to fix:

  • Buy a mobile heater that you can carry around your apartment.
  • Connect a reversible air conditioner that will heat the air in winter.
  • Replace the window frames. Old wooden structures retain heat very poorly. Instead, install modern heat-saving windows.
  • Glaze the balcony - this will improve thermal insulation by 15 – 20%.
  • Warm the floors. To do this, you can buy an electric underfloor heating, which is easily mounted independently, without the involvement of specialists.
  • If all of the above for some reason is not available to you, just wear warm home clothes and drink more hot drinks when you are at home.

4. You misplaced the furniture

Most people live in fairly small apartments, while the furniture is arranged so that you can not walk freely around the room.

How to fix:

  • Draw a plan for the layout of the furniture, keeping the proportions. Using tracing paper and the interior items drawn on it, find the optimal location.
  • Think about how you will move around the room: you should not stumble on a table or sofa, nothing should interfere.
  • But this does not mean that furnishings should be located only along the walls. Experiment if the room size allows.
  • Don't breed bulky houseplants. Collecting soil and shards is a time consuming and tedious task.
  • For the future: buy furniture-transformer, which will not take up much space.
  • An excellent option would be a transforming ironing board from the Mebelion home goods store, which is disguised as a wall mirror with one easy movement!

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5. You have the wrong lighting

If the house is dark, as in the family crypt Capulet, it will never be cozy.

How to fix:

  • Put floor lamps, lamps, sconces. Use them constantly - light along with the main light, and not just in special cases.
  • If suddenly you have light as in the operating room, install the rotary controls that can change the light intensity instead of the traditional push-button switches.

6. You do not decorate the walls

A clean wallpaper of neutral color is much better than a carpet on the wall. But tastefully decorated walls will make your interior even more comfortable.

How to fix:

  • Buy a reproduction of your favorite painting, frame your child's first drawing, and create a panel of photos of your family and friends. Apply a new bright wallpaper with an interesting pattern.
  • If you are confident in your abilities, paint the walls with a stencil.

7. Your interior has no character

Look at your home objectively - the monotony, lack of character and the dull color palette have not decorated any house yet. Everyone used to have a Czech wall, but now we can afford to turn on the fantasy and make a row.

How to fix:

  • Fill the house with individual details: order mugs with your favorite cartoon characters, write the names of indoor plants on pots.
  • If you have a sense of self-deprecation, collect your worst photos and hang them in an unexpected place, like the restroom. Let your guests laugh at you heartily.
  • Print posters of your favorite movies - nothing speaks so well about your taste.

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