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Confession of a father who forgot a child in the car


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Israeli Hanan Cohen Izdi admitted that he forgot his daughter in the car. He decided to tell his story so that people could see that children in cars are often not forgotten by monsters at all, but by responsible parents.

Raskaz men published edition “NEWS".

A few months ago I forgot my daughter in the car. I thought a lot about whether to admit it. I realize that now terrible accusations will fall on me. And yet I do this to prevent a new tragedy.

At that moment I had a busy period at work, and I slept no more than 5 hours a day, or even less. In the morning I was in a hurry to take the older children to school and kindergarten. The younger daughter, she was only six months, was in the care of his wife.

One Friday I decided to give my wife some rest and took my daughter with me. I dropped the younger at the garden, the elder at the school. He turned on the music, sipped his pre-brewed coffee. He looked at his watch: only a quarter to eight, all day ahead. I am going back home in a great mood. I get out of the car. At this time, the phone rang - sms. I clicked on the text and started reading. I myself did not notice how, without taking my eyes off the screen, I went home.

I woke up from the cry of his wife: “Why are you alone? Where is our girl? ”.

I didn't remember how I reached the car. I thought my heart would jump out of my chest.

Fortunately, little time has passed, and the sun has not thickened since the morning. My daughter was not injured. On the contrary, she sat in the chair and smiled at me through the glass.

But on that day I realized: children are not forgotten by murderers. Not monsters. And ordinary parents. The same as myself - normal, hard-working and loving their children.

If until that day I asked: “What nonsense, how can you forget your blood in the car?” - now I don’t ask. I know this can happen to every parent. We live at a busy pace, our attention is often scattered, and we can forget anything in the car. Even a child.

Since then, I never answer the phone in the car. I put the bag with the phone in the back seat to avoid the temptation to answer the call, read SMS or look through Facebook. When I get out of the car, I first unfasten my daughter and take her in my arms, and only then take the bag with the phone. Even if he calls without stopping.

When I'm in the car with my child and I'm tired, I talk to my daughter all the way. And if she's asleep, I hum her name to myself. Call me nuts, but it helps me remember that there is a small passenger in the car, dozing quietly in the back seat.

And another habit I gained after that day. Whenever I get out of the car, even if I don’t carry anyone, I open all the doors one by one, as the drivers of the children's carts do. I want to make sure that none of my children hid behind the pranks for the sake of pranks or that the wife did not put her daughter in the car without my knowledge.

And let the neighbors shrug in surprise, seeing my daily manipulations around the car, it does not bother me. I just gave myself a word: none of my children will burn alive in a hot machine.

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