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The singer of the hit 'Berry-Raspberry' Valentina Legkostupova died without leaving a coma



Pop singer Valentina Legkostupova died at the age of 55, reports Recently, the singer fell into a coma. According to law enforcement agencies, she received a head injury as a result of a fall in the bathroom.

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The performer of the hit "Yagoda-raspberry" Valentina Legkostupova passed away at the age of 54 without regaining consciousness. This was reported by her daughter Anette Brill on Instagram.

“Today at 15:30 a wonderful, bright person, the best mother, daughter and grandmother in the world, passed away. A blessed memory, ”she wrote.

On August 12, the daughter of the Honored Artist of Russia confirmed on social networks that her mother was in a hospital in a coma in critical condition.

Bril said that on August 6, she sent Legkostupova to a drug treatment hospital after finding the singer and her husband Yuri Firsov in a state of severe alcohol intoxication. The latter soon fled from there. Brill emphasized that her mother had not abused alcohol before. Performer Olga Sivakova in a comment to the site also noted that Legkostupova had an alcohol intolerance and "she could get sick from just the smell."

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Meanwhile, the daughter of the performer denied that she had a head injury and abrasions during hospitalization, as reported by Telegram channels.

“She did not have a broken head and abrasions on her face, according to media reports. From August 6 to August 7, she and her husband underwent therapy, but from August 7 to 8 on the night of her condition worsened, she fell into a coma and was transferred to another hospital for an urgent operation, as it turned out that she had a head injury. Please note a very important thing. My family and I do NOT accuse anyone of beating, because we have no right to do so without proof. Let the UK understand everything, ”Bril explained.

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Firsov denied any involvement in the incident. According to him, the singer slipped in the bathroom. Law enforcement officers adhere to this version.

Legkostupova and 57-year-old yachtsman Firsov got engaged quite recently - on July 4. The singer spoke in an interview about their plans for the future, in particular, she dreamed of learning yachting from her husband. A source of Vokrug-TV said that Legkostupova's son and daughter were against their marriage.

“I'm not going to throw mud at Firsov, as it was my mother's choice. The attitude of our family towards him at the moment does not matter, ”wrote Bril in social networks.

According to the Telegram channel "112", in a conversation with police the singer's son Matvey saidthat Firsov drank and reacted very irritably to requests to stop doing it.

“He scuffled noisily and even once knocked down the door to his room, threatening with a knife,” the message said.

The young man did not rule out that the purpose of the mother's new spouse could be her apartment.

According to the media, Valentina Legkostupova and Yuri Firsov met five years ago, then the man invited the artist to take part in the regatta, but she refused. Later he returned more than once with his proposal. After a divorce from her second husband, Legkostupova accepted the yachtsman's offer. At first they were united by friendship, later it grew into love. For the sake of the singer, Firsov divorced his wife.

Legkostupova is a pop singer and music producer. The song "Berry-Raspberry", which was first performed in the program "Blue Light" on January 1, 1987, brought the greatest fame to the artist.

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