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'Exceptional flavor': American cheese first recognized as the best in the world


Source: Fox Business

Organic blue cheese produced by an American company was first named the world champion among cheeses.

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According to the organizer of the gourmet guild competition, Rogue River Blue cheese from the producer of the South Rogue Creamery from the South was declared the best 2019 cheese of the year at the World Cheese Awards in Italy in October, writes Fox Business.

Organic Blue Cheese broke the record among 3 803 other cheeses displayed at the world's largest contest, which exclusively evaluates cheeses. Competition judge Bruno Cabral called Rogue a "party of taste" with "a variety of sensations, balance, sweet and spicy notes."

Rogue Creamery owner David Gremmels said he "felt grateful" after winning.

In the final stage of the competition, Rogue competed with Italian cheese. A decisive vote was required to determine the final winner.

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John Farrand, Managing Director of the Gourmet Food Guild, called it “one of the most dramatic finishes in the history of world cheese.”

“Rogue Creamery has been at the forefront of the non-industrial cheese revolution in the United States for several years now, so it is fitting for them to be the first American winners and recipients of our World Champion Cheese trophy,” Farrand said in a press release.


Rogue River Blue is produced only in the fall: at this time, according to the producers, the cows give the best quality milk. Then it is aged in cellars from 9 to 11 months, after which it turns into soaked pear liquor and grape leaves.

Rogue Creamery sells cheese on his site for 75 dollars for a quarter of a cheese circle weighing 20 ounces (a little over 560 grams), or 235 dollars for a whole circle weighing 5 pounds (more than 2,2 kg).

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The manufacturer claims that this year's batch was "especially good."

"The crust of the cheese is superbly developed, its taste is exceptional: fruity, spicy, blackberry, vanilla, nutty, chocolate notes and even the taste of bacon for which this cheese is known," the publication quotes the manufacturer.

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