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Insta - dad conquered the Internet with photos of his children. A PHOTO


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Everyone is accustomed to the fact that mothers give birth to accounts on social networks where they post photos of their babies. But it turns out that daddies can enjoy this activity. Especially if dad can hold a camera in his hands.
Adrian Murray (Adrian C. Murray) from Kentucky - a professional photographer. In his youth, he independently mastered the art of photography in parallel with the training of a dentist at the medical faculty. Over time, the passion for photography has become the main work.

When Adrian had children, he realized the meaning of the phrase that children grow quickly. The photographer grows up two sons and two daughters, who have become the most favorite models. And he seeks to catch every moment of their small, but interesting life.

Adrian has his own microblog, broker with photos and account in Instagramcreated especially for photos of children. Presently, Instagram Adriana has already gathered over 150 thousands of subscribers.

The photographs that Murray makes are mesmerizing with their tenderness, grace and beauty. Adrian catches the most beautiful moments in the life of his children - home games, walks around the farm, playing with animals.

As the fashionable insta papa states: “Children are the most beautiful thing on this planet. I want the whole world to see it. ”

At the moment, Adrian Murray is writing a children's book, which he is going to illustrate with photos of his own children and teaches the art of photography to young photographers.

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