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Inga Artamonova: the story of the absolute world champion killed by her husband in 29 years


Source: Yandex Zen

At one time, Inga Artamonova was called the goddess of sports, and it was no coincidence that she was stately and beautiful, attracting eyes. The most remarkable thing is that, despite the enormous physical exertion, the cold of ice, the burning wind, the face of this athlete was always smiling. She began her every run by blowing a kiss to the stands.

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On January 1966, 29, terrible news spread around the country - the favorite of millions, Inga Artamonova, was killed by her own husband. She was only XNUMX years old, writes the channel's author “The idols of our and past years”In Yandex.Zen.

In childhood, Inga dreamed of becoming a ballerina, however, due to the high growth, this dream was not given to come true. And in speed skating, where she achieved incredible success, at first they also did not want to take her precisely because of her growth. But she proved that she was worth believing. She did not like and did not know how to lose.

It compares favorably with colleagues. Other skaters had weathered faces and short, almost male haircuts, while Inga Artamonova had well-groomed skin, elegant hairstyles and outfits worthy of movie stars.

It has long been noticed that luxurious women exuding sexuality are rarely happy in their personal lives. Most men are simply afraid of them. Such women have too many claims and men need to comply, because other representatives of the stronger sex also look at beauties. Therefore, many men prefer women more simply. With these, you can not torment yourself with constant jealousy and fear that someone will take away his wife.

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The life of Inga Artamonova could have turned out differently and, perhaps, the tragedy would not have happened. After all, the athlete had a passionate affair with a citizen of Sweden, who wanted to marry a beautiful woman, but high ranks did not allow him to leave the country. She was made clear that if she leaves, her family may suffer.

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Inga broke off relations with her beloved, and the state appreciated her devotion, having allocated a room in a communal apartment. The apartment's neighbor was a sportsman, Gennady Voronin. Young people gradually got closer. The new chosen one was taller than Inga, bald and had an unremarkable appearance. Soon she and Inga signed, and she changed her name, becoming Voronina.

Many who knew this couple said that the couple did not fit together either externally or internally. These were two completely opposite people.

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Voronin as well as Inga was a skater, but his success was much more modest. He envied the stellar wife. In addition, he was pathologically jealous and often arranged ugly scenes for his wife. Voronin’s career did not work out, he began to drink a lot and often beat Inga. She constantly went bruised, but she forgave her husband. Soon, Inga turned from a blooming woman with a radiant smile into a hunted creature.

After seven years of marriage, which became a hell for an athlete, she announced to her husband a divorce. She moved to her mother and met 1966 for a year with her parents.

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Photo: video frame YouTube / LIFE STORIES

On January 4, the doorbell rang. On the threshold stood a drunken Voronin. For some reason, he decided that Inga had left him for the Swede, whom she had loved all her life. During a quarrel with his wife, he drew a knife and hit Inga in the heart. In a state of shock, Inga took out a knife and handed it to her mother. Then she sat on the floor and died. Voronin killed his wife in front of her family.

At the trial, Voronin and his lawyer tried to prove that the murder was committed in the heat of passion. First, Voronin was sentenced to death, but then commuted the sentence. After serving his term, Voronin married again, raised a child and did not remember the one whose life he had so mercilessly cut short.

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