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An immigrant left her children in a car in the USA: why she was outraged by the reaction of Americans


Source: Dumb America on Yandex Zen

Author of the channel "Stupid America" ​​on Yandex.Zen told a story that happened to her friend, a Russian-speaking immigrant, in the United States. Further - from the first person.

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My friend Lida has two sons - one is 10, the other is 3 years old. She, as usual, went with them to the store.

- I got stocked up, barely drove the cart ... Already drove 1 mile to the house, as I understand it: I forgot the chicken! I decided to return, but the youngest had already fallen asleep in the car ...

Lida decided to leave the children, and quickly take the ill-fated chicken. She was absent for about 10 minutes.

- I go out, can you imagine, and the car was surrounded by police ... The elder got scared, let him call my father to drive up ...

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It turned out that a woman of about 50, who at that moment also arrived at the parking lot, and called the cops. What for?

In the States, it is forbidden to leave children in the car if one of them is under 12 years old. She fulfilled her civic duty, so to speak. Or maybe she was just scared for the children ...

Lida's eldest son said - the woman knocked on the car window, but did not understand what she needed ... Soon the police arrived. Everything ended well, they just talked with Lida and her rushed husband.

- I just had no words! Well, that's how it is, I broke it once, and that's it, right there! And where did it come from ?!

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