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Name tablets and spoiled tests: how I met the American clinic


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The story of how she got her Vicodin (remember the TV series "House Doctor"?) In personalized brown jars and met an American clinic, the author of the channel suggests to know "Russian in America" ​​on Yandex.Zen. Next - from the first person.

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From December to February, my acquaintance and close contact with the university medical corps (Health Center) took place. It all started in December when, because of my suspiciousness, I wanted to consult a doctor about ankle ligaments.

At the reception I was asked to enter my data into the list of today's visitors, then a nurse invited me to go for an examination: in the corridor I measured weight and height, invited me to a separate office, where I asked about complaints, and entered the data into a computer. When I finished my eloquent story about leg problems, I heard a sudden question: “When was the last time you had your period?” Then came questions about smoking, alcohol, and the like, which have no direct relation to leg problems.

The nurse came out, and a couple of minutes later the doctor came. I repeated the same list of symptoms as for the nurse, and received comprehensive answers.

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Later, in January, at the end of my winter trip, I had a prolonged cough, so, returning to Oxford, I hurried to the doctor. I had to go through the procedure with measuring height and weight again, this time they also put a thermometer in my mouth. The doctor said that she would prescribe me a couple of pills and asked which pharmacy in the city it would be convenient for me to pick them up in an hour. Right from the office, she called the Walmart pharmacy, dictated her and my data, recommendations for use and, handing the receipt for medical care in her hands, sent me to the pharmacy wishing a speedy recovery.

At the Walmart pharmacy, they asked me for an ID and gave me drugs for $ 35. Gritting her teeth, she took out her wallet. The packet with two personalized jars was accompanied by a stack of 10 A4 sheets with detailed instructions, the composition of the drugs and recommendations for the future. There were exactly as many tablets in the jar as the doses indicated by the doctor, and not one more.

Bills for medical services come to my financial account on the university website. I really hope that the cost of each $ 85 visit to the doctor will soon be covered by my insurance company. Yes, yes, medicine here is not only of high quality, but also of high cost.

Due to my frequent visits to the doctor, it turned out that the medical corps did not have my medical records with data on vaccinations and medical history. It seems that either these guys, or the administration of the faculty lost my health card. Fortunately, I still have a copy. It turns out, according to the rules of the first-aid post, back in the fall I had to donate blood and undergo fluorography (Chest ray). This is where history in the style of a Russian clinic received a new round.

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At first I was told to come on Friday, and when I came, it turned out that there was no blood sampling on Fridays, so only fluorography was done. Then, when she had already come to donate blood, they took as much as 3 ampoules from a vein, and a couple of days later they sent an apologetic e-mail asking me to donate blood again, and only at certain hours. It turned out that the laboratory engaged in analyzes did not take the biomaterial in time - and everything deteriorated.

Once again I am convinced that people are people everywhere, and the quality and features of the healthcare system are just decorations.

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