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Ilya Reznik admitted that he wanted to commit suicide after a divorce


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Ilya Reznik was married three times. The first divorce from his wife Regina was hard for him, because the poet was very attached to children. At that time, the creator of the hits, Alla Pugacheva, even thought about suicide, but his son, who wanted to live with his dad, saved him from a fatal mistake.

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Already 20 for years Ilya Reznik is happy in her relationship with Irina Romanova, tells StarHit. The chosen one, he calls the muse and the real ideal of a woman. However, not always in the personal life of the poet reigned such an idyll. Behind the author of hits Alla Pugacheva has two unsuccessful marriages.

The first alliance with Regina Resnick seemed impeccable to many. The couple brought up two children, and the chosen one supported Ilya Rakhmielevich, who had just begun to cooperate with Edita P'eha and Lyudmila Senchina. Despite the fact that the poet was always very close with the children, he understood that the relationship was cracked. The divorce was hard, and at some point, Resnick even wanted to commit suicide.

“I was on the verge of suicide. I loved my children so much, and losing them would be a great tragedy for me. Maxim saved me when he said at the trial that he wanted to live with dad. It was a blessing. But it was impossible to save the family, she kept only on the children, ”admitted Resnik.

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Son Maxim for many years lived with his father, but his daughter Alice decided to stay with her mother. According to Resnick, he was forbidden to see the girl, and sometimes the poet even broke the law in order to spend at least a minute with the child. “I climbed over the fence to some sanatorium to meet with Alice, I was looking for her. But Regina did her best to move away. When Alice grew up, the connection got better, ”the poet said.

The second marriage with the dancer Munira Argumbaeva turned out to be no less emotional. At first, Resnick believed that he had met the perfect woman. Together with the chosen one and son Maxim, he often visited Pugacheva. It was in 80-e Reznik wrote his main hits, which still touch the hearts of listeners.

When perestroika began in the country, the poet first faced a protracted financial crisis. At that time, Munira gave birth to Reznik another son. Realizing that he will not be able to feed his family, Ilya Rakhmilevich takes a willful decision: he moves to the United States. “I didn’t have a business, I always earned it with my poems. And in 90, poems are no longer sold, ”the poet shared his memories.

Then Resnick could not even suggest that the move would deprive his family. After several years of wandering in the United States, he decided to return to Russia to resume cooperation with his former friends. However, Munira refused to follow her husband.

“She liked it there, but I had nothing to do in America. I consistently sent money to her and her son. Large sums, ”admitted Resnick.

Soon the very feeling he had long dreamed of broke into the life of Illya Rakhmilevich. Meeting with Irina Romanova forced him to take a fresh look at the world and creativity. Resnick did not want to divorce his second wife until his son grew up. When he did decide to dissolve the marriage, a scandal erupted. Munira Argumbayeva accused her husband of adultery, said that she lived with her son in poverty in the United States while her husband met with the new chosen one.

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Suddenly, Resnick quarreled with his closest friend, Alla Pugacheva. One of the reasons for the protracted conflict was just a scandalous divorce from Munira.

“She was like friends with Munira. More precisely, Munira turned to her for help, and Alla stood on her side. There were three lawyers from her, ”Reznik said.

Later, the poet still managed to establish communication with Pugacheva. Now they sometimes see each other and call each other up.

Ilya Rakhmilevich never regretted the second divorce, because he had found true happiness next to Irina. Last year, the couple married to seal their union in heaven. Of course, Resnick has something to worry about. Now the poet practically does not communicate with the younger son, and tries to drown out the bitterness from family problems with the help of creativity. Despite all the trials, it is his hits that are still heard on the radio, he considers the main achievement.

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