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Ilya Reznik advised 'impoverished' Russian stars to sell expensive mansions


Source: Rambler

Russian songwriter Ilya Reznik advised impoverished stars who complain about a decrease in earnings due to the coronavirus pandemic to sell mansions and other real estate and live on the proceeds, says "Rambler".

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The poet noted in an interview that celebrities are in a better position than other people.

According to Reznik, Russian celebrities have no reason to complain about their financial situation, since before the story of the coronavirus, most of them managed to make money on real estate. The poet also urged to pay attention to the standard of living of other people and not to compare the employment of stars with the work of miners and doctors.

“We all know how the guys earned before the pandemic, what houses they bought, palaces, cars, what fees they had at corporate parties. It is a shame to cry, knowing how people live, who receive little money for their colossal work. Many, I know, do not have enough money for food. And what about the stars? You can sell an apartment or a mansion on the Cote d'Azur. Or in Moscow. Or in the suburbs, on Rublevka. Inexpensive, discounted, and live on that money. Don't be greedy and grab, grab, grab everything, ”Reznik said.

Reznik also offered artists to make a living in another field of activity. The poet told the publication about his friend, a humorist, who was forced to leave the profession during a pandemic and began working "either as a driver, or as a plumber, or as a loader."

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The poet cited as an example the wife of his friend who lives on Rublevka. Reznik explained that the woman had never worked, but in this situation she got a job as a manicurist.

Earlier in November, Honored Artist of Russia Valery Meladze complained about the financial difficulties of artists due to the coronavirus pandemic. In an interview, the singer noted that after the introduction of restrictions, all corporate parties were canceled. According to Meladze, the stars planned to earn at least a little money during this time, but now they are out of work.

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