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IKEA allowed to “try on” furniture using a new mobile application


Source: Bored Panda

IKEA has released a new mobile application IKEA Place, which will give the opportunity to visualize the furniture in your interior using your phone. He writes about it Bored Panda.

IKEA Place - This is a new revolutionary application that can protect you from unnecessary purchases and pick up convenient things for your interior.

Of course it sounds fantastic, but in reality everything is very simple. To do this, you need a new Ikea paper catalog and a gadget with an application uploaded to it and a good camera. You just need to put the catalog on the floor in the place where you plan to put a purchase, and remove it.

The application, which contains the size of the catalog, will calculate the size of the room based on this and generate the 3D model of the table or chair directly on the photo.

Then choose from the list of products Ikea the desired interior item, point the camera at the selected part of the room and “try on”. Besides the fact that it is a great opportunity to calculate how much your chosen item will be in harmony with the rest of the room design and furniture, it is also a great opportunity to check whether the furniture you have chosen fits in the free space.

Create such an application has pushed the study, which was conducted by experts Ikea. It turned out that 14% of buyers are forced to return the purchased goods due to the fact that the dimensions were chosen incorrectly or did not take into account the rest of the room design.

In addition, 70% of respondents said that they didn’t think about the size of their rooms before buying.

The developers hope that with this application, customers will be able to avoid unnecessary purchases.

"This will be the first application of augmented reality, which will allow you to choose a reliable solution," the creators shared.

The new catalog is available already from 25 August. And a free application with which you can try on probable purchases is also already available in App Store и Google Play.

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