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'Ideal light is the one we give each other': director Roman Viktyuk died


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Director Roman Viktyuk died after a long illness, reports Air force.

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Theater director, People's Artist of Ukraine and People's Artist of Russia, a native of Lvov, Roman Viktyuk died at the age of 85.

“Roman Grigorievich died in the hospital, it happened today,” the Roman Viktyuk Theater said.

The theater said that the director could be buried in his hometown.

“The issue of transporting Roman Grigorievich to his homeland, to Lvov, is being decided. It is not yet known whether it will be possible to settle the issue of crossing the border. It was always his desire during his lifetime - to be buried next to mom and dad, ”said the theater press attaché.

According to her, the farewell to the director will be held in Moscow, most likely on Friday: “There will be a farewell. It is difficult to say in what format, since Roman Grigorievich is still in the hospital. "

On October 27, it became known that Viktyuk is in the hospital with a coronavirus. The next day, the press service of the theater reported that the director was recovering from the postponed Covid-19.

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“Today is our dear leader Roman Grigorievich's birthday - he turns 84. We wanted to have a party in his honor, but the virus got in the way. Roman Grigorievich is now in the hospital, his condition is satisfactory, and he will continue to recover under the supervision of doctors after suffering a coronavirus. But we, of course, will honor him, ”said the theater press attaché.

On November 2, the theater reported that Viktyuk was on the mend, but was still in the hospital under the supervision of doctors.

“The Handmaids” and “M. Butterfly"

Roman Viktyuk is a Soviet and Russian theater director. He was born in 1936 in Lvov, which was then part of Poland. In the mid-1950s he graduated from GITIS. Since the 1970s, he has staged performances in theaters in Moscow.

In 1988, on the stage of the Satyricon theater, he staged his most famous performance, The Maids, based on the play by Jean Genet, in which all the roles were played by men.

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In 1991, the Roman Viktyuk Theater was opened, the first production was the famous performance of the director “M. Butterfly". In total, Viktyuk has staged over 250 performances.

"The great genius of the theater"

“He was very sick. The era is leaving again. There is no other unique director. This is a tragedy. He left a huge mark on the theatrical business, in the theatrical art. There are many interesting performances that he staged in his own interesting manner, in his own form. He is definitely a bright personality. I personally knew him, we were on very good terms for many years. Always bright, always interesting, always original, ”said the director of the Lenkom theater Mark Varshaver.

“Ukraine was his heart, but for some reason he remained in Russia and continued the work of our great masters Stanislavsky, Shchepkin, Moscow Art Theater. His teachers were at the Moscow Art Theater, he graduated from GITIS. Moreover, he extended Efros's method, went to non-everyday theater, poetry, no one had done this before him. He is the only one, ”said Valentina Talyzina, People's Artist of the RSFSR.

“The great Russian genius of the theater, although he loved his Ukraine very much,” she assessed the scale of Viktyuk's personality.

“I recognized him in the city of Vilnius, he worked at the Theater of Russian Drama. He excited theatrical Lithuania, became very popular and famous. It was difficult to get into this theater for his performances, - recalls the artistic director of the Vakhtangov Theater Rimas Tuminas. - I, still a student, was invited to play in the play as an actor. The play was staged by the Ukrainian director Babenko. Something didn’t work for us, and she invited her fellow countryman [Viktyuk] to look and suggest something. He came, energetic, began to get into the exact situation, into the role. He chased me for several days. ”

Wise quotes by Roman Viktyuk

  • “Art is joy, life is a nightmare. When you step on the stage, nothing else exists for you. This is our only salvation. ”
  • "The ideal light is the one we give each other."
  • "Anxiety is that microbe or that devilish voice that tries to put a person to sleep so that the monsters sleep."
  • “Every person is a little sun. And the sun can neither be stopped nor extinguished. When the little suns unite into the big universal sun, then all trouble recedes. "
  • “The fish then jumps out of the pond when he feels that there is a good person on the shore. It is important then not to turn from a good grandfather into a bad one, who, upon seeing a goldfish, will think: "Ah, now there will be goods!"
  • "Happiness is a pause between two misfortunes."

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