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The perfect dessert: pastry chef reveals the secrets of baking apple pie


Source: RIA News

Pastry chef Eugeni Muñoz has listed the most common mistakes in making apple pie and how to get the perfect dessert. It is reported by RIA News with reference to La Vanguardia.

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“The main thing in this cake is apples, so we have to choose the right ones. It is necessary to choose high-quality, not very ripe, so that they are not too soft, and not very green, ”he stressed.

For the preparation of the cake, the pastry chef usually chooses Reneth apples.

The cook noted that when kneading the shortcrust pastry, you should not stir the mass for too long, while it is better to use a pastry spatula, rather than a mixer.

“By mixing the mass for a long time, we form gluten nets, as a result of which it becomes hard, but we cannot stretch the dough well,” the pastry chef explained.

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Muñoz noted that the shortbread base for the cake must first be put in the oven, otherwise it will take a long time to prepare the dessert and it may not bake.

He recommended cutting apples into small cubes for the filling, and thin slices for decoration.

“The slices should be thin, not too thick, so that they cook quickly. If the cake is left in the oven for a long time, it may turn out to be dry, ”the source said.

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According to the confectioner, the taste of the filling will turn out to be more intense if you add a little apple jam or puree there. At the same time, Muñoz does not advise mixing flavors and diluting the jam with water.

“Strawberry jam will ruin the dish, because it has a very bright taste that will ruin the taste of the apples themselves. You should not add lemon to the cake, although it seems to us that the sourness will brighten the taste, ”the article says.

It is important not to overexpose the custard that is poured over pastries on the fire, says the pastry chef. He advises removing the mixture from the stove as soon as it starts to bubble.

Muñoz added that the cake pan should not be oiled, otherwise "in the oven, the sides of the shortcrust pastry will crumble and fall off."

The culinary specialist noted that the cake should not be baked for too long. It is better to put the form on the upper level of the oven, since the shortcrust pastry base is already ready.

“We are waiting for the apples to turn golden on top,” he explained, adding that the cooking time is about 25 minutes.

Allow the baked goods to cool before serving, Muñoz advises. It is best to store the pie in the refrigerator in a closed container.

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When preparing biscuit dough, it is important not to forget about the balance of ingredients.

“This cake is prepared in the same way as a regular sponge cake, but you need to carefully monitor the amount of ingredients, especially flour, because when you add a rather moist fruit like an apple, the balance of ingredients is lost, and the cake may not turn out very tasty,” explains pastry chef.

When using puff pastry, it must be stored in a cool place until use, Muñoz recalled.

“If the dough is warm, it can fall apart,” the specialist said at the end.

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