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Ideal Chicken Wings: 8 Mistakes That Can Spoil America's Favorite Dish



Can chicken wings be healthy and tasty? Of course, says the cook from Barcelona. But for this you need to have a good understanding of the product, know the parts of the chicken wing, and also understand how you can quickly cook this tasty and healthy dish, writes

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When we think of chicken wings, we immediately imagine an ordinary American. In the company of friends, he enjoys this dish while watching the most important sporting event of the year, the Super Bowl, which, of course, cannot do without advertising. According to a report by the National Poultry Council, Americans are eating 1,4 billion chicken wings while watching this sporting event.

In 1964, in Buffalo (NY), in her bar, Teresa Bellissimo decided to season, fry and serve with spicy sauce wings that were practically not used, since they had little meat and there was not much variety in their preparation . This is the way chicken wings went to the title of “king of snacks”. Even Barack Obama came to Buffalo in 2010 to celebrate Chicken Wing Day. However, they can hardly be included in the healthy diet that his wife Michel promoted.

Can chicken wings be healthy and tasty? Of course! You need to have a good understanding of the product, know the parts of the chicken wing, and also understand how you can quickly cook this tasty and healthy dish. Eugeni de Diego, owner and chef of A Pluma restaurants in Barcelona, ​​specializing in gourmet grilled chicken, will help us figure it out. Our eight main mistakes and tips for making perfect chicken wings.

We buy low-quality chicken wings

To prepare a large bowl with chicken wings for the whole family, at the very beginning it is important to choose a quality product. “The main thing is to buy a certified product, because it is a guarantee of minimum quality. For example, we buy yellow Catalan chickens, whose feed consists of 70% of the grain, ”says Eugeni de Diego.

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He advises buying chicken wings in trusted stores. However, if we want to buy a dozen, the question arises: "What to do with six hens?" “Do not think that this is a stupid question. Such a problem may arise. It is best to pre-order the wings in a specialized store and ask them to postpone. Usually there are a lot of wings, because many people buy only breast and thighs, so the wings always remain, ”said the cook, who, after visiting El Buli, decided to open a restaurant with his wife who cooks healthy grilled chicken. The first A Pluma restaurant was opened on 39 Santo Street. Now two more have appeared: on the Comtal Rivers, 7, and Gran de Gracia, 7. As the chef explains, it’s important not to remove the skin from the chicken, “because we clean it a special part of the wing, jelly-like and crispy. ”

We do not distinguish parts of the chicken wing and do not know how to cut it

Before you start cooking, it is important to distinguish parts of the chicken wing. There are three of them. The wing brush can be discarded, although it is useful for the broth. We leave the other two parts, the shoulder and elbow. You can cook both parts the same way, "because the wings cannot fail, the dish always comes out excellent."

However, if we want to cook them perfectly, then “you need to understand that each part has its own structure, so the cooking process should be different,” says Eugeni de Diego. The chef explains that the elbow is considered the most tender, it has the most fat and skin, and the shoulder is the fattest.

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After making sure that there are no feathers, we divide the chicken wing into three parts with a knife. It is necessary to press the blade against the bone and gently cut several tendons. Externally, the parts may resemble a lollipop, since the meat is fixed at one end of the bone. “When the wings are ready, the bone can be removed, there will be practically no meat on it.”

Bad advice - fry the elbow of the wing

If we want to enjoy the taste and juiciness of the middle part of the wing, that is, the elbow, then “it’s better not to fry it,” says the chef of A Pluma, who sometimes gives advice to our readers. You can fry, this is not a mistake, however, if we want to cook everything perfectly, then this is not worth it - this is such advice. This part is very gelatinous, so “it will turn out fine if it is let in a little olive oil, and when it turns golden, add to the pan, for example, spicy buffalo sauce,“ Valentina ‟sauce, soy sauce and honey,” advises the chef cook. He also recommends grilling chicken wings and adding sauce. “In 3-4 minutes they will be ready. It will be very tasty. ”

You can make buffalo sauce, with which wings are usually eaten while watching the Super Bowl. You need to melt the butter, mix with hot sauce, garlic or onion powder, then add salt, white or apple vinegar. However, Eugeni de Diego believes that it is better to buy ready-made, most importantly quality sauce. “Take, for example, wine. We buy a bottle, but do not prepare it at home? The same goes for the sauce. ” The chef adds it to the pan, "so that the wings are saturated with them."

Another bad tip is to lower the shoulder

With the shoulder part, unlike the elbow, you need to do exactly the opposite. If the elbow part should be allowed, then the shoulder, the most fleshy, it is better to fry. As Eugenie de Diego advises, this part should be held for two or three hours in a marinade of salt, herbs, honey, ginger and water, sprinkled with flour to your taste (you can make a lighter and crisp tempura) and fry in American style. “An osmotic process takes place in the marinade, that is, the meat is well saturated with aromas,” the chef explains. Chicken is a very tasty meat, but still it is not a steak. This meat does not have a pronounced taste, it easily absorbs other tastes. We are playing with this. ”

Instead of marinade, you can use milk: “If you pickle chicken wings in milk for two hours, the meat will become even tastier and more tender,” the chef says. Today he shares secrets on the website of the restaurant chain “A Plume”.

Use too much oil and fat

When Eugeni de Diego planned to open this restaurant, he was well aware that in the process of cooking he would not use lard, which gives flavor but is unhealthy. “There is absolutely no need to add lard to the chicken, just a little oil. If the wings are pickled in advance or seasoned with sauce, the meat will secrete juice. And that’s enough, ”says the chef.

When frying chicken wings, the correct temperature is always important, which depends on the type of oil. However, the main thing is that the meat does not burn out: "It is best to fry in olive oil, but you can also use sunflower, because of the high content of oleic acid, it retains heat longer."

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Chicken wings are not fried. Temperature is important

According to Eugeni de Diego, chicken wings are difficult to cook poorly. Although sometimes they can remain raw inside. To make a crisp and meat was tender, you need to fry at 170 degrees. If the temperature is higher, then the wings inside will be moist, and outside - overcooked. If the temperature is lower, then the inside of the meat will be cooked. This is even worse!

If you add chicken wings with sauce, you need to make sure that they are ready. You should fill the pot, but do not put too much. At medium or high temperature, chicken wings cook for about five minutes. “The chicken wings are very tender, just perfect.” If we want to cook them on the grill, then we need to carefully monitor that they do not burn, as a lot of fat is released and the fire becomes very strong.

Mistakes during cooking: press the chicken wings with a fork, do not remove excess oil

During cooking, you should not press the chicken wings with a fork or make incisions, “because you can destroy them this way,” warns the chef. - It’s necessary, like a real culinary specialist, “to turn the wings very carefully several times with kitchen tongs”. He emphasized that the grill was simply created for the preparation of this dish, as it gives a “rich aroma of smoke”. However, the wings can also be cooked in the oven. In this case, they should be marinated, for example, in a Creole or chimichurri marinade, and then baked at a temperature of 180 degrees for five minutes. So chicken wings will turn out tender, but with a crispy crust. Here is one of the options for cooking:

If we fry chicken wings, then they need to be put on a kitchen towel so that the glass has excess oil. The chef explains that the dish can be eaten immediately. However, is it possible to store chicken wings? "They need to be eaten right away, because they dry out if they are not caramelized or stored in the marinade."

Do not try new recipes

And while classic recipes are a win-win option, there are a wide variety of cooking methods. For example, make wings with Japanese teriyaki sauce. Hold the chicken in a marinade of soy sauce, honey and ginger, and then cook in the oven or fry on charcoal. Eucheni de Diego passes ginger, onions, soy sauce, coconut milk and mushrooms.

In addition, you can make a marinade on beer and add sautéed onions, garlic and mushrooms to it. Or butter the chicken wings with butter and egg, sprinkle curry and put in an oven preheated to 200 degrees. However, you can always put on a Super Bowl baseball cap and choose the classic Buffalo chicken wings, that is, without batter, fried, with a crispy crust, and dip them in a hot oily sauce or blue cheese sauce, sticking it all with vegetable sticks.

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