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Sad Harry and Megan in lemons: the dukes reminded of themselves after the news of pregnancy


Source: Spletnik

On February 14, Meghan and Harry told the world that they would be parents for the second time. A week later, the couple first contacted fans. The couple released a teaser video of their new Spotify project, an audio podcast called Archewell Audio. Spletnik.

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Meghan Markle, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, contacted fans for the first time since the announcement. about soon birth second child, as well as final deprivation of royalty... The couple appeared in a 20-second teaser for their Archewell Audio audio podcast, released on the Internet service Spotify.

In a short video, Meghan, dressed in an Oscar de la Renta dress with a lemon print, and Harry talk about why they decided to create a podcast and describe its benefits.

“We created Archewell Audio to make sure that we can help all voices be heard and to learn people's stories,” Megan said.

“The most important part of all of this is trying to create a society where you can share your thoughts and also encourage others to share their weaknesses in a completely safe space,” Harry continued.

Back in mid-December last year, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced about the conclusion of the contract on a long-term partnership with Spotify. From that moment on, Megan and Harry managed to release their first podcast with Elton John, James Corden and other celebrity guests.

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Interestingly, a new short video featuring Megan and Harry appeared on the network just a few hours after it became known about possible changes in big interview vapor Oprah Winfrey... The fact is that the conversation was recorded even before the couple officially confirmed that they would no longer return to their royal duties. After that, Queen Elizabeth II deprived her grandson and his wife of all royal privileges - we are talking about honorary military appointments and the status of patrons of a number of organizations.

“When Prince Harry and Meghan spoke to Oprah, they still hadn't expected that they would be deprived of their right to be patrons. They clearly did not expect this and spoke as if they had to continue to play their roles, ”- said the insider in an interview with the Mirror about the reasons for the possible re-recording of the interview of the spouses.

The Oprah Show, starring Meghan and Harry, is set to air on March 7. Just a few hours earlier, Queen Elizabeth II will also give her annual television address in honor of Commonwealth Day. It is noteworthy that this time the Queen's appeal for some reason will be released a day before the start of the Commonwealth Day celebration. Thus, the speech of Queen Elizabeth II will appear on the network a few hours before the first big interview of Megan and Harry after collapsing royal duties.

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