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The group "Leningrad" has released a new video - short


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The famous group "Leningrad" presented its fans a new work - a video for the song "Ecstasy". The duration of the video is more than 10 minutes, during which almost the whole film unfolds on the screen.
Starring - Svetlana Khodchenkova and Anton Filippenko. The plot of the video is a peculiar story of Cinderella, only in the role of a poor orphan - a man.

The heroine of the video, played by Svetlana Khodchenkova, is a rich owner of a gallery who lives abroad and comes to her native Petersburg. Riding around the city in a posh car, she arrives at a car workshop where she meets a former classmate of Stas, who at that time works there. A spark runs between them and ...
Sergei Shnurov, the leader of the Leningrad group, explains that the 2 side of Russia clashes in the video: the emigrant party, the one who left the country 20 years ago and accidentally returned for a short time, and the one that stayed and works at a regular gas station. Shnurov stressed that with each new work, they are clearly moving in the direction of the cinema, as the new video goes beyond the usual limits of the usual music video. Its duration is more than 10 minutes.
The movie director is Anna Parmas, who was among the nominees for the “Top-50. The most famous people of St. Petersburg. This is not her first collaboration with the Leningrad group. Anna was the director of other videos, such as “Exhibit”, “Drink to St. Petersburg”, “Healthy Living”, “Vip” and “Tits”.

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