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Buckwheat with cucumber is the way to success: Belarusian woman lost 19 kg and became a top model in the USA



Sabina Lobova - 20-year-old model from Minsk. In the eighth grade, she weighed 70 kilograms and planned to go to medical. But already in 16 years, losing weight on 19 kilograms, Sabina went into the modeling business, and soon went to New York to open a show of Victoria Beckham. Her portfolio includes collaboration with Gucci, Galliano, Calvin Klein and the cover of Vogue.

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GO.TUT.BY talked with the girl about the myth about the exhausting diets of models, life in the States and longing for "grumpy Belarusians."

"In the model school they said:" The girl is beautiful, but you need to lose weight ""

From the age of six, Sabina Lobova worked at Sergei Nagorny's Minsk podium school.

But I never seriously planned to become a model! - the Belarusian immediately says. - Although the director of the school, Nina Nikolaevna, advised me to come when I grow up and consider modeling as a future profession. But I quickly forgot about it and lived the life of an ordinary schoolgirl: I went to classes, prepared biology and chemistry, planned to enter the medical school.

When Sabina was 15, my mother accidentally ran into that Nina Nikolaevna in the city.

- Mom showed her my full-length pictures, and Nina Nikolaevna said: “Bring the girl to us.” I was then in the body, an ordinary person - with a height of 178 cm, I weighed 70 kg, - Sabina smiles. - Hips were 93 cm, waist - 63, well, chest of the third size. At the modeling school, they told me: “The girl is beautiful, but she needs to lose weight.” I did not listen to those words then. And on the eve of the new school year, when I was in the ninth grade, I went to a clothing store. And in the fitting room I saw: something doesn’t sit well on me. Still, I decided to lose weight - for myself, not for the modeling business.


“I fell in love with simple dishes: buckwheat with cucumber - an awesome combination”

Sabina reshaped the daily diet: eliminated sweet, flour, refused bread, soda, minimized salty and fried.

- I loved to steam and make simple dishes. Chicken with broth, buckwheat with cucumber - awesome combinations.

The girl emphasizes: for her, the process of losing weight was not flour.

- Everyone usually goes on a diet and begins to suffer: “How difficult it is! How can I survive without a bun? For me, that period was not hard labor or torture. When I started to see the first results, there was a great incentive. I have never had a breakdown - I am still indifferent to cakes and chocolates, - Sabina admits. - In the process of losing weight, the main thing is to wait out the first weeks. Until you see changes, it seems that everything is in vain.

She began to monitor the frequency of meals - ate every two to three hours.

- And really did not eat after seven in the evening. Maximum - drank kefir or ryazhenka. I went through several online courses on nutrition in English, so I knew that I could afford it, but what better to refuse.

The result was not long in coming.

Probably because I have always been thin by nature. Gained weight only in the seventh-eighth grade because of fast food. We ate Berliners with classmates and washed them down with Coca-Cola. How quickly I gained weight during that period, so quickly left me, it was only necessary to make a little effort. In the first two weeks, due to proper nutrition, she threw off three kilograms. Then I slowly added physical activity - I started walking everywhere. For example, it was a 30-minute walk from home to English courses. The only way to go there and back was on foot.

“People often sit on their backs on a chair and watch the video“ How to lose weight? ””

From sports activities Sabina included yoga and stretching in the schedule.

- I still do the “salutation to the sun” exercise in the morning - and all the muscles stretch perfectly. Thanks to stretching, the body is in good shape, the muscles can not even be pumped - the figure already looks toned. This is important because I don't want to be skinny fat - thin, but decrepit. I work out at home, often use fitness rubber bands and leg weights of one and a half kilograms - with them, the effectiveness of training increases significantly.

During the first year, adhering to the developed regime, Sabina Lobova lost weight on 19 kg.

- I drank well, due to proper nutrition and exercise, I reduced the percentage of body fat. The minus 19 kg sounds impressive. Although I remained in absolutely normal weight, no excessive thinness. Now I weigh 50.

In matters of nutrition, the model completely trusts its body:

- I want - I eat, I do not want - I do not eat. I have a lot of castings in the schedule, running around, so it does not always go out for lunch by the hour. But I eat normal wholesome food. I really love her - never been a fan of pizza and pasta. With pleasure I make goodies from healthy foods. I cook soups, cereals, salads, fish and chicken in a double boiler - without spices it turns out very juicy and tasty!

- If you want, I can order sushi. Understand, models do not starve, do not torment themselves with exhausting diets, as some people think, - says Minsk woman. - The secret of a good form is banal: to lead an active lifestyle and not to eat in huge portions. It seems to me that today everyone knows the recipe for losing weight. Only instead of actions, people often sit on their backs on a chair and watch the video “How to lose weight?”. And then they think: “And why am I not losing weight?”.

Sabina achieved her goal, returned to great shape and flew off to work as a model in New York in 16 for years. Because of this, the 10 and 11 classes were home schooled: at the end of each quarter, the Belarusian flew to Minsk with books and notebooks and went "to surrender" to the teachers.

“I started working quite early, because of this I wasn’t at any graduation party,” recalls Sabina. - You always have to sacrifice something. Why is 16 not afraid to fly to another continent? Complex issue. Probably fate. My parents supported me - my mother was never a fanatic of studies, she understood that thanks to the modeling business I could see the world. The first business trip was a business trip to South Korea. I'm not sure that under other circumstances I would ever get to this wonderful country.

“I love Minsk and miss our grumpy people”

The graph of the model is not normalized. Yes, Sabina and can not imagine another.

- Just the other day I returned from Los Angeles. In September she worked in France, Spain, several cities in Germany. At home, in the sense in New York, I am not so often.

To a clarifying question, what does she still consider home - Minsk or the Big Apple, Sabina replies:

- Probably both cities. I have been living in New York for four years now - what is it, if not a house? I visit Belarus twice a year - in August on holidays and in the winter on New Year. Of course, I miss Belarusian nature, family, friends, our grumpy people. I adore Minsk - my own driving place. Honestly, I never experienced euphoria: “Oh my God! I'm in New York. Sometimes you want to be in Minsk to feel relaxed and carefree again. Every morning I have a little ritual: I wake up, take the headphones, go out for coffee and call my mother in Minsk.

Speaking about cooperation with top designers and shooting for the world gloss, Sabina coolly notes:

- I am not a very emotional person and never went crazy because I was invited to a cool show. Yes, I participated in the show Versace, Dior, Gucci. But you can always have more and better.

- What was the most memorable moment for me in my career? - the girl thinks. - Probably, the John Galliano show is a man-fashion. From him rushing such an incredible energy! He is a real designer: before the show he ran backstage in a white robe, gloves, he hemmed everything. Typically, the designer of a large brand sits at the table, sipping tea and telling a million helpers what to do. And Galliano did everything himself and was very worried about the result. Even the setting before the show was different from the ones I heard before. Often, designers say: "Hold on strictly, confidently." And Galliano said: "Sabin, walk as you feel this image."

“Mom wrote:“ Sabina, take a picture with Beckham. ” And I was not up to it. ”

In 16 years, Sabina Lobova became the very model that opened the Victoria Beckham show.

- Then I actually lived in the studio with her family. They ate with David, Victoria and their children. But even at that moment I didn’t have a wow effect. I remember my mother wrote to me: “Sabina, what are you doing! Take a picture with Beckham. ” And I was not up to photos - we work with them, what photos?

The Beckhams, by the way, made a very good impression. Victoria is restrained, polite, intelligent - a real Englishwoman. She never sat at the table until all the guests came. I never put myself above others - it seemed to me that we were on the same wavelength.

20-year-old Sabina Lobova feels confident in the world of high fashion, but in communication gives the impression of a girl from a neighboring yard - naughty, simple and self-ironic.

- Honestly, in my list of beauty secrets, I, too, everything is ridiculously simple. I sleep for seven or eight hours, go out into the fresh air, sit in the sunshine. In the morning I wash my face with cold water, sometimes I do some kind of masks ... And, I remembered something else. Sometimes I brush my lips with a toothbrush. Yes, yes, it is lips - to get rid of dry skin. Sponges are so red, plump - what we need!

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