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"Robbery here is still the most harmless": Russian woman about life in Mexico


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The Russian woman, Evgenia Abramovich, who has been living in Mexico City for several years, told how she defends herself against robbers on the streets, why she hasn’t yet managed to make friends with Mexicans, and why local cuisine is dangerous for Russians.

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The last 4 of the year, Eugenia Abramovich lives in two countries: Mexico and Russia. In Mexico City there is a beloved person, in Petrozavodsk - a grandmother, whom she cannot leave. The girl did not plan to live in Latin America, although she taught Spanish and dreamed of traveling it far and wide. It just so happened that it was there that Eugenia met her soul mate, they write Arguments and Facts.

Polite people

The idea to go traveling throughout Latin America was born to me when I began to learn Spanish. I decided to start from Mexico, but for the time being, in fact, I finished it, because I met my civil husband there: Izmael.

Before that, I skated a lot in Europe, after it Mexico seemed like a home to me! It doesn’t matter where you stay: in a hotel, hostel or private house. You are met everywhere as a loved one who has not been seen for a long time. People are very friendly, friendly, trying to help. But there are some nuances: many would not mind making money on you. For example, when I asked how much ice cream costs, they called me one price and Izmael another. In principle, this is normal, because for them I am just a tourist.

Local very polite, I would even say, too polite. When you get into a minibus, all passengers greet you! You walk in rows, and you from all sides: "Good afternoon, good afternoon, good afternoon." I once imagined how people would look at me if I did the same in Russia. The restaurant has a similar story. If you eat, and one of the guests of the institution leaves, he, passing by, will surely say: "Bon appetit".

Of course, when I return to Russia, the first time for me, almost every exit to the street ends in tears: it seems to me that everyone around is rude, they look terrible, and the drivers of minibuses and salespeople hate me at all! But after a couple of weeks everything goes. And problems arise when I come back to Mexico. We have to re-adapt to the fact that everyone around them greet and smile.

Mexicans are a very sensitive people, so foreigners, including myself, often get into some awkward situations because of this: local people can perceive what is normal to us as rude. My husband and I somehow went to the store, I looked at the clothes and said that I did not like anything. Immediately Izmael began to shout: "What are you, the seller can hear, quieter!". It doesn't matter what I said about the dresses, it turns out that my words could hurt the one who sold them. To such things you need to get used to.

Criminal reputation

When I got a job at school, the first question that high school students asked me was: “Have you already been robbed on the street? How it was?". When I said that they had not robbed, they replied: "Well, then you will tell me how everything goes." It's normal here that you can be robbed in broad daylight. In Petrozavodsk, most people in public transport look at the phones. In Mexico, you will not see such a picture, because at any time one of the passengers can become a robber, pick up all the gadgets and run away!

I always carry around 50-100 pesos with me, so that if someone wants to rob me, I can give them to them, saying that this is the last. A large amount of money is better not to put in a backpack, bag or pocket. Once, after a visit to the bank, I hid money in a bra, naturally, leaving those 100 pesos in my pocket.

My husband was robbed more than once: in the subway, just outside. In our family, the same story is constantly repeated: Izmael buys a new phone for himself, and in a maximum of six months he is stolen or taken away. I once tried to dissuade my spouse from such expensive purchases. But he replied: "So, now do not live, or something, do not use things that you like?". Local easier to relate to this situation. Robbed? Well, okay! And foreigners are shocked by such things.

I don't walk here alone at night. I don’t leave the stroller next to the store, as it can be done in Russia. In fact, robbery is the most harmless thing that can happen to you. Children and women are stolen here, so it is very dangerous to catch a taxi "by hand". And in general, you always need to be on the lookout when you go out.

Around machisty

When I first arrived in Mexico, I had quite a few short skirts. Now I don’t need them anymore. It is necessary to wear a mini, as men on the street begin to undress you with their eyes, honk, whistle, shout after. I think that not every woman will like this attention.

Mexicans are very attentive and caring. My husband loves to help with everything, maybe even going to the hairdresser with me just for the company, always supporting in a difficult moment. But there are also disadvantages: local jealous and quick-tempered, sometimes to the point of absurdity. Izmael once jealous of my girlfriend from Russia. Here, same-sex relationships are not uncommon, I know stories when wives leave their husbands for other women, or husbands for men! Kissing guys on the street do not surprise anyone.

In general, Mexico is a country of Machists: women once again alone do not go anywhere and just don’t walk. Here, in principle, it is considered indecent if there is a husband (young man) to go somewhere without his accompaniment.

I never found any friends among the locals and would hardly ever find them, because, however friendly the Mexicans may be, they are a little envious. If a woman is white and beautiful, then friendship will definitely not work.

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Look for a doctor

The medicine here is paid, for free you will achieve little and spend a lot of nerves. In Mexico, the most important thing is to find your doctor and hold on to it with all your might. In the family of the husband there is such a specialist who really helped me. A year ago, I came to Russia for several months, and I had severe stomach pains. I went to different doctors for a long time with pretty good recommendations. As a result, I had an operation, an organ was cut out, but the situation did not change: the pain remained. I had to look for a way out of the situation in Mexico. The family doctor did some research, prescribed pills, I took the course, and everything miraculously passed! It turns out that it was possible to do without surgery, it is a pity that you will not return the organ. But again, it all depends on who heals you.

With regard to childbirth, then a caesarean is done to a large percentage of women, since it is economically advantageous for clinics. You will never know whether you had a real indication for such an operation or it is simply the desire of doctors to make money. It is difficult to find a specialist who will stand up for natural childbirth. This is one of the reasons why my son was born in Russia. But, for example, my girlfriend from Ukraine gave birth in an ordinary state clinic in Mexico and was pleased.

Child's garden

My son goes to the most ordinary kindergarten, for which I pay 3000 rubles per month. This amount includes only classes for children with 9: 00 to 13: 00, I give food to Roma with me. This is our first garden, and I will not deny that at first I was in a light shock, because a child of four years already has textbooks, a lot of different subjects, including English, plus he is given homework. We are constantly doing something together after the garden.

I have not understood yet whether I like this approach or not. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the desire to develop children, but this is not always done in the right way. I will give an example of homework: draw respect with the child. In my opinion, the task should be given not to parents, but to children, then they will develop.

Photo: personal archive of the heroine

For a better life

Most Mexicans are not interested in politics, they see nothing further than their city. Of course, when Trump started talking about building a wall, many were worried because the flow of migrants to the States was decent. Each family has a bunch of relatives living in America illegally, including us. I somehow raised this topic with my husband's mother, whose relatives can not even come to Mexico, because they do not have any papers. I was wondering why people agree to voluntarily condemn themselves to such a life. She explained to me that, even being an illegal in the US and working in the most ordinary restaurant, you can afford to buy a car or real estate. The standard of living there is much higher, it is a fact.

Our family settled in Mexico pretty well. Izmael, director of a small company, receives approximately 50-55 thousand rubles for Russian money. This is a good salary by local standards, we have enough for three, and we are not going to leave anywhere. For example, when I worked in a private school as a swimming teacher, my income was about two times less.

Oh food

National Mexican cuisine is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Alas, I can’t know all her charms, because I eat only what is possible to eat without chili, I can’t be spicy. Local almost always chew something. For this reason, this nation is characterized by the problem of obesity.

In Mexico, a lot of places on the street where you can buy some fast food: tacos, hamburgers - everything your heart desires. When I first arrived, I avoided all these eateries with a party, because the sellers first take the money and then impose meat on you with the same hand! But now I feel better about it, although there are still a lot of places in which I would never eat.

If you look at the recommendations that give tourists wishing to visit Mexico, then they all boil down to what you do not need to eat outside and drink tap water. Otherwise, poisoning is guaranteed. But, as a rule, all stomach problems arise precisely because of chili, because our European body does not perceive it. Once I brought such a sauce to friends from Russia, ordinary, shop. The consequences were disastrous.

Still Russian woman

In theory, I can get Mexican citizenship. But I still have enough of a residence permit, which gives absolutely all rights, except the right to vote in elections. Honestly, I left Russia with a creak, despite the fact that I really like Mexico. I just love my country, and if my husband and I can ever move here, then I will not be upset at all. For now it is necessary to live on two houses.

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