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Ready to risk life: Prince William intends to directly participate in the fight against the pandemic


Source: 7 Days

The future king and father of three children took a risky initiative, writes "7 days".

The courage of Prince William made a strong impression on the British. The fact is that, as it became known, he is eager to take part in the fight against the growing coronavirus pandemic.

The prince, who is a certified pilot of airplanes and helicopters, would like to return to his previous job - medical aviation. William is eager to make his contribution to the work of doctors fighting the insidious virus. This was an insider who is closely acquainted with the prince, told The Sun.

However, despite the courageous desire of the spouse Kate Middleton, there is a fairly serious reason to doubt that this is possible. After all, now all hope is for him.

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As you know, now Queen Elizabeth, due to the danger of infection, has retired from affairs and is being self-isolated in Windsor. Charles, who had already managed to get an insidious infection, has not yet fully recovered from his illness. And Prince Harry, who could very well help his brother now, preferred to leave his family and leave first to Canada, and now to the USA.

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Recall that William, after studying and military service, saving the lives of sick and injured from injuries, worked for several years in medical aviation as a simple pilot. Moreover, he fully transferred his salary to charity. He left this work only in 2017 at the insistence of the queen, who urged him to begin to take a greater part in the duties of a member of the royal family.

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