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Hot drinks cause cancer: is it really scary?


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The other day we wrote about new study, which demonstrated the link between drinking hot drinks and developing esophageal cancer. Medusa I decided to examine other facts and turn to expert opinion in order to find out if this is true or not and what the risk really is.

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1. What happened?

March 20 is a scientific peer-reviewed journal of the International Journal of Cancer. опубликовал the results of a study that found a link between drinking hot tea and developing esophageal cancer. After that, the media began to write about the fact that hot drinks provoke cancer and are deadly.

2. And what was this research?

Scientists have been watching a group of 10 50 people in northeastern Iran for years on 045. During this time, esophageal cancer was diagnosed in 328 people and on 90% more often those who drank at least 700 milliliters (approximately 2-3 mugs) burning tea (60 ° C and above) per day became sick.

3. So tea causes cancer?

Perhaps, but there are nuances. I must say that since 2016, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has indeed relates hot drinks to "probably carcinogenic to humans." It is proposedthat they again and again damage the cells lining the esophagus from the inside, which ultimately leads to cancer.

A new study is much more reliable than those that were previously conducted in an attempt to establish a link between the use of hot tea and the development of esophageal cancer: it is large-scale, it was funded by reputable organizations (World Cancer Research Foundation, US National Institute of Oncology, Cancer Research UK) and conducted a group scientists from different countries. The results of the study clearly show that the consumption of hot drinks and the development of esophageal cancer are related.

This type of study (prospective - over the course of several months or years, scientists record how various factors, such as diet, affect morbidity and mortality) are a good way to study the relationship between a factor and an outcome, for example, the habit of drinking hot tea and cancer. But in this way scientists cannot exclude the influence of all other factors, therefore it cannot be concluded that one directly provokes the other.

4. So you can drink hot tea or not?

Doctors do not have strict recommendations on this. But it does seem reasonable to wait for the tea to cool. If not, you can dilute with cold water or milk. But it is also important to realize that:

If you want to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer, more important stop smoking, do not drink too much alcohol, and get treatment for gastroesophageal reflux (a frequent cause of heartburn).

If the study did establish a causal relationship, then this means the following: when the average Iranian drinks very hot tea, the risk of developing esophageal squamous cell carcinoma increases only from 0,6% to 1,2%. With this type of cancer found in Iran relatively often. In other words, for a person living in Russia, this risk is even lower.

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