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Horoscope 2020: what awaits each zodiac sign in the new year


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A detailed forecast of the astrologer Lyubov Shekhmatova for 2020 for each zodiac sign in all areas of life offers to know "Today".

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Decide what your calling is, where you took place as a creative person, and where you have exhausted your professional resource. Internal readiness will be the trigger for change, activating the right situations. Now the space is free for the new, which is already on the threshold.

Blessed patrons will appear, random famous figures, high ranks will substitute your shoulders, or former benefactors will burn with help, so career growth, business prosperity, privileges at work are not a mirage, but a reality. "Were tormented" in the past under the yoke of the authorities in full, now wait for the well-deserved reward.

A high probability of a return to past activities, or due to reorganizations, an improvement in an old job. You can change jobs without fear of stepping on the same rake after September 14th.

Over the course of the year, the burden of professional and family responsibility will become easier - experience has been gained, mistakes have been taken into account, there is hope that the educational “tightening of the screws” by the boss has been beneficial.

Strengthen the home citadel, the supreme fateful task is to become an Atlantean of family well-being (a cycle of 18,5 years is laid). Harmonize the "boss-subordinate", "parent-child", "husband-wife" vertical. Try to solve everything related to home, real estate, relatives, rental housing, because after May you will have to free yourself from this burden of problems and direct your potential in a different direction.

These are contacts, acquaintances, networking of any kind, especially with brothers, sisters, neighbors, aunts, uncles, classmates. Self-education, polishing business skills. If someone is liked, interesting - this is your person, and in the future relationships will be of great benefit. The main thing is spiritual kinship. Change the environment, show curiosity, be interested in everyone, good odds wander not far away, but close by.

Personal views, beliefs have to be put on a pedestal, there is truth. And not surprisingly, you will turn into great clever women, so dancing to the tune of other people's instructions is stupid and makes no sense.

In general, the erudite friendly Aries, seeking to know the world in all its diversity, will live better, more fun, because they will be led by providence itself. December, July, October are the crisis months. Tame aggression (breaking - not building), transforming a huge potential into a peaceful channel.


Be sociable, actively move in space, opening up to everything new that meets on the way. Life is beautiful and multifaceted, it gladly opens the arms to curious restless Taurus, eager to know everything, to keep abreast of a variety of news - from neighboring gossip to events of a global scale.

Short trips, acquaintances, intimate conversations with people should be combined with something new, you should intensively draw on someone else's experience, learn practical skills on the go, regularly engage in self-education, be creative, subtly and reverently perceive the world around us. Fortunately, everything you need for a full-fledged life is not in distant lands, but nearby, take it and use it! This background persists until May 6th.

Then the priorities change, the need for financial independence comes first. The main thing is not to be lazy, there is a material incentive, but work will be found. Work in the area where you are competent, keep up with the times, mastering advanced technologies. First of all, you need to find solid material ground under your feet, so as not to live at the expense of others, but rather to finance others. Satisfy your own whims and give others gifts. And you will succeed here! However, creativity will also increase, therefore, with a clear conscience, you can give preference to your favorite activities or work, which does not take away, but increases energy.

If there is a loan debt, borrowed money, the gap created should be urgently closed, because this is a funnel for energy leakage. The accumulated unpaid debts (moral too) will also subconsciously take away strength. It puts a ban on someone else’s fate, learn to live on your own resources, then you will gain strength and confidence, the life battery will not sit down.

Forget about “give”, if they regret something to you, ignore your request, do not be offended, it’s for the good, in order to re-educate an egoist into an altruist. The golden rule: count on yourself and do not demand anything impudently from others that you deservedly owe - fate will certainly return! Everything is fair in the Universe.

Since July, you risk becoming a hostage to secret hostility, hostility, accumulated insults. It’s dangerous to wear such a stone in your bosom - as a result, detonate the explosion with a destructive ending. Or that negative transforms into a disease.

In personal life, everything is wonderful, but on the condition that the satellite fits into the ideal. Having fun with anyone is contraindicated - squander the precious gift of heaven, which is now given to you to accumulate happiness.

Travel, fate removes the taboo (from May) on long trips, tourist excursions, religious pilgrimages. It is very useful to plunge into the aura of a foreign culture, to visit places of power, it is precisely far from the native places that the source of life's inspiration will flow.

Avoid extreme risks: those who rush headlong (without sober calculation) rushing into the embrasure of emergency situations will not win, but lose. Mad courage Taurus is now prohibited. Canned hidden fear is best left untouched. Let him sleep. From February to October, a strip of temptations - be open, friendly, avoid secret intrigues, adventures, do not conceal evil in yourself.

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Personal desires are sacred. You can not deny yourself even in small whims. Any whim for the sake of pleasure is approved. But at their own expense. Keep your finger on the financial pulse and remember: you are the earner, breadwinner and lender to others. Until May 6, you need to pay off your debts, create a solid platform for life and clearly determine the sources of profit on which the material future depends.

Eliminate any risks, your task is to clearly control all your energy and material resources. Spend them wisely, and set aside surpluses for the implementation of further plans, important purchases. Do not borrow, do not annoy the debtors (these are karmic creditors), what is deservedly intended for you (morally, financially, energetically) will come even from the other side. The frugality of others, bordering on deceit, should not annoy you.

Since May, the route of fate has changed dramatically, a new stage of testing in partnership has begun, the “me - you” relationship is moving to the highest stage of evolution (laying the foundation for 18,5 years). You have to radically change yourself, find a solid spiritual core, learn to make independent decisions and be responsible for them. The key to making the right choice is getting rid of any addictions (psychological, emotional, material, sexual).

Clear the field of self-confident beliefs, principles, leaving only those that will become a guiding light, in keeping with the spirit of the times. Fortunately, from April to July, romantic charm will increase, it will be easy to enchant others, which will become a golden trump card in the field of business cooperation and strengthening intimate ties.

Many will have to change horses at the crossing, drive away the fear of loneliness, you are a strong-minded person, self-sufficient! If you are too afraid of losing the one to whom you “got used”, parting is almost inevitable. Well, if you are ready to go on an autonomous voyage, lo and behold (!) A reliable companion will be sent to you. All roads are open to charming and independent Gemini, kindling with enthusiasm. And those who “dissolve” in their betrothed should urgently change tactics, take the reins into their own hands. Otherwise, a divorce is inevitable for a year and a half.

However, if there is potential for growth in a marriage, you will not be degrading there, as a result, you will successfully pass the crisis line and stay together. But the last word is yours. The lonely fix idea of ​​getting married or getting married at all costs is disastrous. Trying to do this more actively, you go against the tide.

Any events (since May) bear the stamp of predestination, are motivated karmically. June, September, December will “demonstrate” how far you have deviated from the fateful “azimuth” and will correct mistakes. From February to October, you cannot start common affairs with friends.

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Each person is a unique, unique creation of God, which you will have to make sure of on your own life. The search for oneself, a personal path of development continues (until May). Over the past year, in the process of the intended events, you have done a great job and have now clearly defined what kind of worldview you have and what standards are imposed by society, partners, relatives, and they should be abandoned. Do not regret the burnt bridges, they are also an impetus to progress.

Yes, you are your own boss, respected and authoritative, you position yourself brilliantly in society, an excellent professional, you know how to make the right choice and bear responsibility for it. Which should have been proved. It is necessary to decide with whom you are ready to be near, and with whom to break up and why. Perhaps the relationship has exhausted itself, do not cling to what has outlived itself - this is a brake on the path to excellence.

Another option: if a partner moves away or travels far away, this is not a tragedy. So you "privatized" him and made him henpecked. But a holy place is never empty, the vacancy will be filled with the right loved one. Since May, the key task has been changing. You will have to understand yourself at a deeper level, touching upon the hidden layers of the subconscious, in order to get rid of the “skeletons in the closet” (latent enmity, resentment). They will open up to disappear from your world forever.

Carefully cleanse your body and soul of sinful slags, visit temples, sacred places of power, partake of shrines, give alms to those in need. And do not dare to shoulder other people's obligations! If work is burdensome, does not contribute to creative self-realization, you have every right to refuse it. Those who ignore - waiting for degradation, disease.

It is useful not to plow like a horse, but to mess around, reduce workloads, be a hermit, cultivate altruism, and do your favorite creative work. Pay less attention to worldly affairs, regularly engage in psychological relaxation. Learn to enjoy yourself!

All the secrets will become obvious for you, the intuitive "scent" is excellent, therefore, it will not be difficult to "take the trail", bring out swindlers, deceivers, and dig up the necessary information. Prosperity awaits those who work in secret firms, closed institutions, detectives, detectives, criminologists, who help those in need for free, showing mercy. And don't you dare charge for your help and services!

In business and marriage unions, finally, the ice of disagreement will break and harmony will reign. Yesterday's enemies will turn into reliable allies. Be vigilant if you are provoked to official abuse - this is from the evil one (from February to October). January, July - months of predefined crisis events, breaking karmic bonds.

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The peak of phenomenal popularity, sweet inspiration behind. You got the maximum charge of positive feelings over the past year. They enthusiastically created, passionately in love, had fun. The main thing is not to squander the filled cup of happiness for self-aggrandizement - eradicate complexes, upgrade your inner world, engage in patronage.

Until May you are your own support, spiritual mentor, healer-psychologist. We have to revise our values, get rid of the “tails” of contacts and relations that have exhausted themselves. Reveal and admit your own vices, complexes and certainly get rid of them. The hidden sinful side of nature “blooms” in all its glory, but this is not a reason for depression, self-flagellation - the secret becomes apparent in order to leave your life forever.

On the labor front, a reboot is destined from Above. If the yoke of authority is disgusting, you will be freed from it. Rejoice, it’s for the good, because more strength will be freed up for your beloved deeds, spiritual development (as a result, your health will improve), because your ailments have psychosomatic roots.

Unemployment is not to be feared, such hardworking professionals are at a great price from employers! Just keep up with progress, the spirit of technological innovation is the most reliable ally in the professional field!

Starting in May, you will have to completely open your heart and finally go out into the world, share the accumulated wisdom, find like-minded people, and engage in social work. Finally, you will have real friends, with whom an equal exchange of energies, emotions, impressions, views will take place, and where, as a result, complete harmony of the worldview will reign. This is wonderful, you will again be on the same wavelength with the team, becoming its priceless "cog" for the benefit of yourself.

From May 13 to June 25, wait for the return of old love affairs. Former fans (fans) are again inflamed with passion in order to return their sensual duty ... and leave forever. You don’t need to look for romantic adventures, you don’t have to jump in buckwheat for your desired emotions - this is a way of regress, because you already had all this. Remember! The highest hypostasis of love is true friendship, strive to create a relationship with a person whose worldview is in tune with yours.

Prosperity awaits Lviv, who know how to truly be friends with both men and women. Then you will be loved and desired.

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Around there is a beautiful flower garden of bright interesting people, like-minded people, communicate with them more closely, ask for help, advice, because you have a common road to your goal. Exchange experience, energy, ideas, master the wisdom of progressive technologies, engage in politics - it is work in a team that is crucial, contributing to success. Previous beliefs are subject to "inventory", experiment, break outdated stereotypes of thinking, modern society requires completely new views (until May).

To establish personal life, focus on the spiritual side of communication. You are akin to common views, interests, attitudes. But the romantic aspect is not too significant, the passions are dangerous. With a partner, they will bring together common matters. A test of strength will successfully pass a true trust relationship.

In May, the assault on career heights begins, laying the foundation for 18,5 years. You should not dwell on household problems, concentrate on the professional sphere, business, and the implementation of a creative mission. However, what is intended for full development will find you by itself. The work will turn into a holiday, toning up the romantic spirit, contributing to service “lamurs” that will help with job growth.

The vertical "boss-subordinate", "parents-children", "husband-wife" will undergo a fateful modernization. December will put everything in its place, with painful cardinal changes.

It is difficult with finances - you are dependent on other people's money sources. And even professional success is unlikely to make this area harmonious. From September 9 to November 14, pay off your debts, do not borrow. It is impossible to use other people's resources (moral, material, energy). Fate will “fine” you with losses. Be careful - any risk during this time is dangerous.

In general, professional creators striving to improve their status will succeed, and couch potatoes fixated on everyday life will regress.


Mobilize all your strength in a professional direction, a career future and status in society are at stake. You have been going to this for many years. Falling from the peaks reached is prohibited. Fell due to misses down, get up and at any cost move up. If you want to start or modernize your business, change your specialization, your choice should clearly correspond to your creative vocation. And do not dare to rape yourself for the sake of money with sickening work!

If you have matured, ask the management for promotion, you deserve a high status in society. But remember, this is also a responsibility for the fate of others. Command and obey wisely, clearly adhering to official and family subordination.

A common cause and people who depend on you should not suffer. On the contrary, here you are the Atlant protector and you are obliged to substitute their shoulder, to move up. To live in such an atmosphere until May. Then we should switch to expanding our philosophical horizons, improve our educational level, travel more, pilgrimage, and visit places of power. The farther the better. To learn to think globally, to look not at one’s feet, but from the heights of large-scale perspectives.

Your task is not to broadcast information to people around with comments and not engage in empty chatter, but, passing knowledge and experience through your heart, become an authoritative teacher, shepherd who guides people on the path of truth. To enter a university, graduate school, defend a dissertation, and engage in legal practice.

Many are lucky with studying abroad, successful business trips and even moving. Sitting crocheted is contraindicated. The hidden dream of seeing the world is now feasible. Wander to distant lands, learn their culture, mentality and expand spiritual horizons! There you will find good odds and romantic entertainment. It’s quite possible to meet the prince (fairy) of the heart. Pious Libra, engaged in spiritual self-development, respecting other people's beliefs, is doubly lucky.

Organize workshops, share your knowledge, and don't criticize anyone. Before reading the moral, to make a comment, remove the beam from your own eye. Strive to live in peace and harmony, do not conflict, especially from February to October. If you are in contradiction with someone, a spark is enough to ignite a destructive scandal, up to and including assault. From September 9 to November 14, you will have to cross swords with old enemies. The situation in the family is stabilizing. "Kettlebells" of household problems will relieve.

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Your task is not to get sober about practical things. Events require that rationalization of perception be put in second place, giving preference to a philosophical approach. There is truth. Learn to sow the seeds of high, light, eternal, they will give fertile seedlings for spiritual transformation, open the doors to a successful future.

It's time to filter out unnecessary contacts, they have outlived themselves. Communicate only with persons of high spiritual culture (devout, wise, educated), focus on their advice, cultivating pious character traits. It is very useful to travel, choose the longest and most daring routes, always combining them with spiritual and cultural development. Those who wish can enter the university, do vocational training, move to another place. The fateful bird of happiness flutters away from home (until May).

Then the atmosphere changes dramatically, filling up with extreme, force majeure. There will be plenty of stress. But this is the most important condition for development. It is at the critical moment (“pan or miss”) that the blocked energy transforms. Therefore, feel free to dive into the maelstrom of risky situations, eradicating fear in yourself. Only the brave in spirit will “die and rise again”, like a Phoenix from the ashes, and then they will not be afraid of any difficult trials. What doesn't break you will make you stronger. As a result, the fate of the heroes will reward (many will get a well-deserved inheritance).

In order not to run aground financially, do not be a miser, because losses are inevitable - save on a penny, lose on a large scale. Give more energy to spiritual development, then material problems will be solved easily. The necessary funds will come strictly dosed and at the last moment. "Free" benefits are not expected. When solving the “want - should” problem, give preference to “should”.

It will not be easy, there is a lot of work to do, to rake the old work rubble. Yes, you are brilliant workers, but you cannot be tempted by high earnings, you cannot work hard for others. Working for profit, disagreements with colleagues can turn into a curse, undermining health, especially from February to October.

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If you succeeded last year, flaunting personal bright charisma for the sake of self-assertion, no one is to blame for that bragging. Blame yourself and draw conclusions. The train of happy revenge is gone. Make up for lost time, making friends with risk, immunity is built up to stress.

If you walk along the edge of a knife, you feel on the verge of survival, frightened by the financial crisis, saving on a penny, turned into a miser, keep calm - that’s what you need for your re-education.

There are no accidents in the universe, in this case the goal of difficult or extreme situations is to reduce your attachment to the material world, finances, things, earthly comfort, to tame your possessive instincts. Even if the accumulated money goes away like water through your fingers, it doesn't matter. What has fallen is lost. In fact, it is fate that "expropriates" the surplus you have taken over the past 9 years.

Until May, the axis of the conflict runs between “I want” and “I must”, so you cannot pull a business alone and earn a lot of capital. However, Heaven compensates many people with inheritance. Rely on partners, they are the source of happy chances. Thanks to skillful cooperation with people, placing their interests on a pedestal, you will avoid want, and it will bypass. And when you are fatally unlucky, it means that you are an egoist, imbued with pride, stupid claims to fate and the world.

Starting in May, the influence of partnership ties will increase, the confrontation of ambitions will reach a fatal peak. To prevent disagreement from destroying you as a person, keep in mind that the need for personal freedom is a temptation and a ground for regression. Be a model of decency, give in, compromise. No one should cross the road, if someone “breathes” in the back let the daredevil forward, especially from February to October. On principle, resist - life will go downhill.

Any unions of Sagittarius trying to steer on their own are doomed to break. The couples have a period of restoration of relations. Unfortunately, you are not able to influence the feelings and actions of a partner. Only on their own selfish programs. He is beautiful, delightful and decides for himself whether to be further together or to disperse. If feelings have not turned to ashes, they can be revived. But do not dare to manipulate! The lonely will receive the long-awaited marriage proposal. It is impossible to force events, now the satellite is choosing, let it mature (June, December will emphasize).

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Fatal events continue to “bomb” until July 2020. You possess immense invisible power, serving as the center of gravity around which galaxies revolve, where any disruption of rhythm for the purpose of abuse of power or public self-affirmation is fraught with disastrous events in life.

Show modesty, tact, don’t, like a bulldozer, get to the goal without taking into account the interests of others. Pass enthusiasts forward, giving them the opportunity to fulfill themselves. In order not to stray from the fateful orbit, you need to put the ambitions of partners in the first place, and personal ones to push to the background.

Tame the commander’s ambition, they were pierced - it’s not a problem, the main thing is to back up in time and certainly eradicate bad habits, all kinds of addictions. Then the enemies, competitors will reincarnate as allies. What fate requires. If you are single, urgently look for a married person, you should end your bachelor life.

Since May, goals have been changing. Relations have already been built, the most important thing has been achieved, it is time to work intensively, to become a soldier in the service front. It is important not to turn into an avid workaholic, but to learn how to relax without interrupting your usual activities and without leaving your head in the inner world - health is very important.

With career advancement (business) it is difficult, this crane is still in the sky. Therefore, do not get hung up on status, but simply conscientiously do everything that everyday life itself “orders”. She gives assignments, educating you to be a creative person. And gives impetus to amorous office intrigues. From April to August there is a romantic peak.

Any job where you can give your best will become a rich bread place for you. And a healer. Old diseases will burn up in a labor flame and disappear forever. Sabotage, idleness is unacceptable.

Under native shelter, high dynamics, it is necessary to rake old domestic problems, to do repairs. Control the strong-willed potential and directing powerful energy into the mainstream, do not quarrel with households, especially from February to October.

Fortunately, thanks to the vibrations of Heaven, throughout the year you will be in a comfortable "cocoon", authoritative and respected. January, July is the time of predefined events.


Labor suffering continues until May. Harnessed - plow zealously, painstakingly fulfill everyday obligations, hone professional skills in the service, which will certainly be needed in the future. Despite everything, put maximum energy into your daily work, and then you will not be afraid of any troubles, money will increase. Sorting, disdain tasks - at a loss. If cats scratch their souls, work is the best salvation.

Tireless workers and those who profess a healthy lifestyle, are engaged in prevention, observe the regime of work and rest, fate will surely reward, first of all, eliminating old diseases. They will leave forever. Oh miracle, you are healthy! And this is not a temporary ghost, but the real fruits of hard work.

But on the desire to get away from painful problems, to hide from the bustle of the world, plunging into the "nirvana" of illusions, you will have to give up. Stop hovering in the clouds, get down to earth. And do not cling to what leaves you, it is predetermined - January, July will put the finishing point. A successful prospect of business and spiritual growth awaits only hardworking, executive Aquarius.

In May, the phase of the tense routine ends. Their Majesty Muse will knock on the door, meet my dear guest, she will inspire creative and love exploits. Flutter, fall in love, not expecting reciprocity. She will come later.

Talents will flourish, life will turn from gray everyday life into a holiday filled with romanticism and creative excitement, which will help to find true freedom of spirit, to reveal a rich creative potential. The main thing is not to be proud, otherwise all results will be canceled.

Take on interesting proposals, it is no longer possible to be a cog in the collective mechanism. Submitting to social ideals, you “dissolve” as a person, society extinguishes the shoots of creative enthusiasm, and only in a harmonious friendly circle will you be able to fully realize yourself, where innate talents can unfold like a flower towards the sun.

Do charity work, helping those in need, you close debt "holes", but do not advertise your innermost things. Everything is recorded in Heaven.

From February to October, a strip of information provocations, control every word, do not impose your views and beliefs on others, otherwise you risk becoming an information killer.

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You are a bright personality and do not try to merge with the crowd. Follow the dictates of your heart and do only pleasant business, creative hobbies, enjoying it until May. Raise children, follow your beloved ones, have fun together. Life is beautiful, gives joy, inspires love, increases energy potential, and this you should feel every moment.

Since May, concentrate on the hearth, within a year and a half you must build a reliable family rear, solving problems with housing, real estate, land, with an eye on 18 years. The main thing is to improve what is available and create for yourself a sovereign space on which no one encroaches, to become an exemplary master, the head of the family.

But in professional and career activities, the peak of take-off is behind, a regular decline is planned. The case that you have been dealing with for the last 8-10 years is already fed up. All important projects are coming to a logical conclusion and we need to summarize without focusing on the growth and seizure of positions. Slow down, it's time to take a timeout, analyze your life and achievements.

However, the boring work itself is ready to leave you. You should not cling to the position, status, business with all your might, assault the bosses, high patrons - multiply losses. The ideal option is to do your home, love your family, value family traditions, and the work will come on its own, and you should not strain when searching for it.

In the financial sector, the dynamics are high, balance income and expenses, do not be tempted by acquisitions that you do not need, especially from February to October.

In a friendly horizon, it will be frustrated, the clouds of disagreement in views will scatter, you will again be in a brotherly order. Walk in unison with faithful companions in spirit and value them as the apple of your eye. The protection of friends will bring many benefits, but you do not disappoint with mutual settlements. Debt good turn deserves another.

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