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Cities of America where it’s easiest for divorced women to find a pair


Source: Rambler

An international travel company conducted an unusual survey. Its marketers interviewed a huge number of couples to find out which cities in the US and the world are most likely to find a mate.

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The largest number of cities that fell into the rating is in America, which is not surprising, because the company's headquarters is located in the States, writes Rambler.

But even in Europe there were places where, in the opinion of the interviewed couples who found each other on the journey, it is simply impossible to be alone - if you make a little effort, of course, you can go there on the journey.

So, the general list of places is as follows:

  1. Las Vegas, United States (37% pairs)
  2. Miami, USA (29% pairs)
  3. New York, USA (27% pairs)
  4. Los Angeles, United States (21% pairs)
  5. San Francisco, USA (19% pairs)
  6. Cancun, Mexico (17% pairs)
  7. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (17% pairs)
  8. Amsterdam, Netherlands (15% couples)
  9. Maui, Hawaii, United States (14% pairs)
  10. Paris, France (13% pairs)

The compilers of the rating are confident that their research will most of all help those who have already been in a relationship, since in our youth we usually do not have money to travel, respectively, it is not so easy to get out of the city, and especially the country.

In addition, young people are less likely to try to find a permanent partner in another city or region. But women who have already been married, in search of true love are often willing to move to the end of the world - closer to her husband.

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