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Blue Prosecco can be the brightest drink of this summer.


Source: Food & Wine

Blue wine is already in itself - unusually, in addition to its composition includes a special ingredient.

Blue wine first appeared at the end of last month at the Spanish label Gikwhich mixed red and white grapes and used grape skins and vegetable-based dye to achieve a bright shade. Alas, Americans will have to wait for the opportunity to feel the bouquet Gik, because currently this wine is only available for pre-order, writes Food & Wine.

If you can't wait to try this bright drink at the next party, keep in mind that another brand has come out with its own version: Blumond Blue Winewhich is produced in Italy and sold by the company Saraceni Wines. They created prosecco mixed with blue Curacao - you know that it is a bright blue liquor, which is the main product of tropical cocktails in every tiki bar of America.

The company claims that its sweet, fruity wine is especially popular with a generation of millennials and people who didn't usually consider themselves to be wine drinkers. With an alcohol content of just 7%, this is a great choice for the day. If this is your style, then know that Blumond Blue Wine available worldwide for around $ 22 per bottle plus shipping.

Since this year is the year of the "neon" drinks that have flooded our social networks, it is believed that this new blue wine will make you a sensation Instagram. So grab a bottle while you can.

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