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'Vote as if life depends on it': who did celebrities support in the US elections


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The pre-election race was hotter than ever! And the celebrities also could not stand aside - they actively supported the candidates. Each - his own. How the stars inspired their fans to vote, says RBC.

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In the United States, presidential elections were held, the outcome of which will decide whether Donald Trump will stay for a second term or will be replaced by Democrat Joe Biden. Not only politicians, but also musicians and Hollywood stars urge to take care of America's future

“Vote as if your life depends on it. Or as if your children's lives depend on it, ”Lady Gaga urged voters in Pennsylvania during a rally of supporters of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Photo Shoot: Lady Gaga / Twitter

At the event on election day, Biden himself and his associate Kamala Harris, the first black American woman to run for the post of US vice president, spoke. With the approval of the public, they called for voting for life in a just society with equal rights and freedoms.

Lady Gaga showed an active civic stance throughout the election campaign. It was triggered by the assassination of George Floyd in police custody and the subsequent reaction of Donald Trump to the protests. During the campaign, she recorded voting jingles, packed sandwiches for people in line at polling stations to the track Telephone. The singer recently released a video message in which she outlined instructions for voting in her mind-blowing outfits, including the infamous "meat" dress.

The pop diva is not the only American celebrity who is trying to draw attention to the elections with all available tools. In recent months, many musicians, as well as Hollywood artists, have shown increased activity both in social networks and the media, and in the stands, speaking to voters. Biden has many celebrity supporters, but Trump has them.

In the Trump camp

American rapper Lil Wayne shocked his fans by posting a snapshot of the president at the White House on Twitter.

“Just had a great meeting with Donald Trump. In addition to what he did to reform the justice system, he presented a “platinum plan” that would give society real property rights. He listened to us and assured that he would be able to fulfill our requests, ”the rapper shared his impressions.

Photo Shoot: Lil Wayne WEEZY F / Instagram

The "Platinum Plan" that Lil Wayne referred to represents Trump's proposals to bring the Ku Klux Klan and Antifa to justice as terrorists and to increase the education and employment of America's black population.

Country singer Kid Rock Is a longtime Trump supporter who plays golf with the president. The state leader invited the rock star to a campaign rally in Detroit. Kid Rock describes Trump as "down-to-earth and cool."

Movie actor Jon Voight - Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA laureate, father of Angelina Jolie - hates Joe Biden, calls him a "villain" and believes that the current president, who "will not betray the trust of Americans", should win the elections.

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Rock singer Ted Nugent, guitarist for The Amboy Dukes, considers Trump "the greatest president of our lives." He is convinced that Trump represents "the heart and soul of America's finest families."

Golf "Golden Bear", champion Jack Nicklaus supported the president with his voice and a touching address to the nation posted on Twitter. In a text set against a patriotic red background, Niklaus emphasizes that Trump will bring American families back to the American Dream.

“You might be annoyed by the way the president chooses words on Twitter. And believe me, I told him about it myself. But I try to disregard such little things and focus on what the president wants to bring. It's not just about the inner struggle. It's about patriotism, principles and the people they influence. Behind this is Trump's love for America and the habit of putting America first, ”Nicklaus wrote.

Kirsty Ellie, an actress from the sitcom Gay Company, has been a supporter of Trump since the 2016 campaign. At the same time, she previously voted for the Democrats (twice for Barack Obama). This time, the actress chose the Republican leader because he is "not a politician", "quickly copes with his tasks and is able to quickly turn the economy around."

Rapper Lil pump gave a speech on election day:

“I came here to say: Mr. President, I appreciate everything you have done for the country. You brought the soldiers home, that's right. MAGA-2020, don't forget about it. And by no means vote for Sleepy Joe (Joe Biden's nickname. - Ed.) ”, - said the rapper.

At the same time, Trump confused the name of the musician, calling him "Little Pimp" (Lil Pimp).

Comedian also acts for the course of the current American leader Rosanna Barractor Dennis Quaid, performer of the role of heart surgeon from the series "Grey's Anatomy" Isaiah Washington, Sott Bayo from the 1970s show "Happy Days" and Dean Kane - Superman from the TV series "Lois and Clark".

In Biden's camp

Taylor Swift, which released the best-selling album of the year in 2020, in an interview with V Magazine explained her choice of the Biden-Harris tandem by the fact that, in her opinion, it guarantees the colored population of the United States, women and LGBT people, safety and representation of their interests in all spheres society.

Photo Shoot: Taylor Swift / Twitter

Dwayne Johnson, a former wrestler and star of the Jumanji and Fast and Furious franchises, has played for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on social media and in the press. As part of the campaign, the actor conducted an interview with Senator Harris and Vice President Biden, which he posted on Twitter. He called the contender for the post of vice president "a certified daredevil", Biden asked how he was going to earn the respect of the American people, and was pleased with the answer: "Keeping promises and taking responsibility."

Tom Hanks four years ago he said that the day Trump was elected president would be a "dark day" for America. His views have not changed. The kindest guy in Hollywood actively supported Biden, and in August held a virtual fundraiser with him as part of the candidate's "Mass Festival" campaign. During the day, we managed to collect $ 750 thousand.

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Rapper Cardi B said she wants Trump to leave the presidency. She was outraged by the president's behavior in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He's confusing everyone. That tells us that there is nothing wrong and you can not test. And then he goes out in public wearing a mask. It's crazy that we had to watch all this for four years to open our eyes, ”said the woman.

Eminem allowed Biden's headquarters to use one of his biggest hits - the song Lose Yourself - for a video calling for a vote on November 3.

Barack Obama, The 44th President of the United States, took part in campaigning for Biden, calling Americans and urging them to come to the polls.

In one of these conversations, the former American leader even talked with the eight-month-old son of one of the voters, advising him to obey his mother.

Friends Stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox и Lisa Kudrow united and recorded a short video in which they called on fans to remind their relatives and friends about the vote: “Friends will not let friends miss the elections”.

Actor Mark Ruffalobest known for his role as Bruce Bennard (the Hulk) in the Avengers franchise, regularly appeals to fans to vote and expresses his democratic stance. His entire Twitter feed is a solid campaigning project against Trump's policies.

Samuel L. Jackson from "The Avengers" and "Pulp Fiction" threw a challenge, offering fans a deal. He promised to teach them to use foul language in 15 languages ​​if 2500 people register to vote. The result of the challenge was a video demonstration of the actor's polylinguistic skills: he showed how he swears in Icelandic, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Haitian and other languages.

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