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Hollywood stars who sing Russian songs to their children


Source: Teleprogramma

A few days ago the Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper confessed to a French television show that he knew Russian songs. “Antoshka”, “What is being taught in school” - and even a hit about Fixics (“And who are Fixics? - A big, big secret”). The fact is that his daughter, born of the Russian model Irina Shayk, prefers Russian songs.

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Edition Teleprogramma collected a list of other Hollywood stars who also had to at least partially learn Russian because of the children.

Ashton Kutcher

Although Mila Kunis insists that she stopped learning Russian in the first grade (she spent most of her life in America), her Ukrainian family speaks only Russian, and Milana Ashton's wife Kutcher even had to go to language courses to understand her relatives.

“Mila’s grandparents speak only Russian, so I had to take a six-month language course. For me, Russian is very aggressive. And it doesn't matter what you speak Russian - it always feels like you are yelling. In Mila's family, everyone always spoke that way - aggressively. So I thought they hated me and were constantly upset about something. But now I understand that it is they on the contrary - they told me how good I am. That is, it turned out they love me, "- said Kutcher.

Paul Anderson

Milla Jovovich speaks Russian at every opportunity, confesses her love for Russian (actually Soviet) cuisine and people - and after her husband and children do the same. Directed by Paul Anderson ("Resident Evil"), says that "dumplings, dumplings, borscht and sour cream" - the best of everything he tried, and Milla herself shows her daughters 60-70's XNUMX's classic from " Cheburashka "to" Bremen Town Musicians ".

“Of course, I am Russian! - Milla says - This is an American actress, and the person is more Russian. I speak Russian with my daughter, and this is the main indicator of national identity - what language do you speak with your child? ”

Mel Gibson

Despite the fact that Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva broke up, to put it mildly, with the scandal, she allowed her “former” from time to time to see their nine-year-old daughter Lucia. It is quite possible that he not only helps Lucia to do “homework”, but also watches Russian cartoons with her and reads Russian books with her.

Enrique Iglesias

The fact that the children of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias know who Cheburashka is, we are sure, Anna was photographed in a hoodie with the image of this hero. In general, they have a classic bilingual family: with kids Lucy and Niko speak both Russian and Spanish, the songs are also sung in different languages.

Antoine Arnaud

With a wife like Natalya Vodyanova, there are simply no options: their numerous children are common, and Natasha's children from a previous marriage, they are raising in Russian culture.

"With Neva and Victor, I generally speak Russian all the time," says Vodianova. "Of course, Antoine has a little difficulty understanding us, and he takes language lessons with a tutor." Natasha especially likes to read and teach with her children the poems of Russian poets - Marshak, Agniya Barto, and, of course, Pushkin. "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" is the most favorite book in the family.

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