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Hollywood stars who met with the Russians



Russians often conquer the hearts of Hollywood celebrities. Edition collected several examples of such novels.

Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin

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According to officially confirmed information, Campbell and Doronin met in 2008 at Cannes, where the model celebrated its birthday. Their romantic relationship began almost immediately after the first meeting, and already in 2009, Naomi moved to her beloved in Moscow, and in 2010, the star's mother moved to the capital of Russia.

Campbell said she was ripe for family and children and is ready to leave a career. But in the end, instead of the date of the wedding, after five years of relationship, the lovers announced their breakup. Billionaire and supermodels managed to avoid scandals, and they did not tell about the reasons for the gap.

Selena Gomez and Anton Zaslavsky (DJ Zedd)

The acquaintance of the world famous singer and popular DJ from Russia took place in 2015, under rather strange circumstances.

“I had a day off, which I decided to devote to buying things for the house where I moved. But on the way I wanted to go to the toilet. Together with me was my sound engineer, who advised me to go to the nearest studio. So I went in and John, the head of that studio who had just signed with Selena, asked, "Do you know her?" He introduced me to her and said: "Hey, she's great, you need to record a song!" A week later we were already working on “I Want You to Know”, ”Anton said in an interview.

DJ surprised his beloved with gifts, including the first edition of the novel "And Lost the Battle", which formed the basis of the film of the same name with the participation of Selena. But the fame of the singer and her crazy fans, who did not give life to the relatives and friends of Anton, contributed to the separation of lovers.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Ekaterina Elizarova

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The Russian model and the British actor met at a social event in Hyde Park in 2012. Catherine recalled that she herself first came up to Benedict, started a conversation and was pleasantly surprised that he was a simple and pleasant conversationalist.

Communication has grown into a romantic relationship that lasted just over a year. The lovers did not hide the novel and appeared together at important events, for example, they attended the charity ball of the Naked Heart Foundation, and shared shared photos from a holiday in Ibiza.

Daria Kapustina and Fernando Alonso

The Russian model and the Spanish racer met in 2013, in Tokyo, at a party after the Formula 1 race. Their relationship was romantic, Fernando surprised his beloved: they flew a helicopter over the Alps, had dinner at the Eiffel Tower, and even traveled to Vladivostok, the hometown of Dashi. Fernando tried to master the Russian language, however, at the conversational level. But two years later, a beautiful couple still broke up. They parted on a friendly note, and Dasha still shares only good memories of that time.

Adrian Brody and Lara Lieto (Larisa Tyaka)

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Real name sweetheart Adrian Brody Larisa Tyaka. The girl was born in Moscow, but later moved to Monaco, where she worked as a model. Adrian and Lara's first meeting is said to have taken place at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. The actor was 39 for years, the models were 19, but that didn’t bother them, and they almost immediately began a relationship. It's been five years, and Adrian and Lara are still together. The lovers are not talking about the wedding yet, but for at least two years already they call Lara just Brody's bride.

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