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Ladies bag guide: choosing a model that brings good luck


Source: Daily horo

A handbag is not just an accessory. She can become a real happy talisman, which will help to attract good luck in business, in love and in work. Experts in the field of bioenergy will help you choose the right bag, writes Daily horo.

Saddle bag from Christian Dior. Photo: Shutterstock

To attract female energy, one can use conspiracies or appropriate meditations, but it is also very important to use a passive source of positive energy. A properly selected handbag is one such item.

Handbag size and shape

Small handbags are energetically more suitable for shy girls, because they do not disturb their aura and do not attract extra looks. A great accessory is suitable for an extrovert lady with powerful energy.

A square or rectangular bag can become a strong amulet, due to the presence of sharp corners. A round bag is an ideal energy magnet. It’s better not to take these bags with you when you are going to go in a hostile environment.

Materials of which the accessory is made

Experts strongly do not recommend buying bags with a large number of metal parts and plastic, since they are “lifeless” from the point of view of bioenergy. In other words, such a handbag will not attract good and good. Moreover, it can repel positive energy.

Skin substitute does not accept positive energy, but also does not repel it. The best material is genuine leather or fabric. These materials are the closest to nature, so this bag will be a magnet for good luck.

Handbag color

Color is the most important attribute. His choice should be treated as pretentiously as possible. The correct shade is able to give the owner a lot of happiness and direct her energy in the right direction.

Black or white. These two colors are directly opposite in their energy. A black accessory will help a lady who works hard and who needs maximum attention, concentration. A white handbag is perfect for the outgoing woman. She will attract luck in love and help stay in the spotlight.

Bag Chanel. Photo: Shutterstock

Red. A bag of this color is perfect for flirty ladies who crave the attention of men. Red is more aggressive than white. This bag is worth buying for those who love to flirt, but do not intend to create a serious relationship. This accessory can be taken with you on dates or important meetings.

An image from the Chanel brand. Photo: Shutterstock

Green. This shade is ideal for girls and women who are constantly on the move, always busy with something and are subject to fatigue, stress. Green color helps restore energy in any conditions and remain more resilient.

Bag Fendi. Photo: Shutterstock

Blue. An accessory of shades of blue is perfect for a lady who is engaged in the intellectual sphere. Blue color has a great effect on mental activity and helps to make difficult decisions faster.

Chanel sequin bag. Photo: Shutterstock

Orange. This shade will endow the thing with special energy, which will allow the lady to succeed in a creative direction. It will be easier to engage in creative activities, more often unusual thoughts and ideas will come to visit.

Bag Olivia Palermo. Photo: Shutterstock

Yellow. This color is the best choice for those who rarely manage to experience positive emotions in life. Shades of yellow make it possible to find more optimistic meaning in everyday things. A yellow handbag should be acquired by those who often observe a depressive mood and insecurity.

Golden clutch Valentino. Photo: Shutterstock

Gray. Many people think that gray is neutral, but it’s not. It is a great filter for the negative. A bag of this color will help its owner to find stability. This can be useful during periods of life when everything changes quickly and it is impossible to predict what will happen tomorrow.

Chanel. Photo: Shutterstock


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