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Guide to a safe picnic: what products to avoid and what to do if it became bad



In order to not be in the hospital ward instead of outdoor recreation, it is important to follow simple rules. What exactly, told Dr. mn., The head of the laboratory of biosafety and analysis of nutrimikrobioma Svetlana Sheveleva.

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Worst choice

There are several products, with improper preparation and storage of which there is a high risk of getting sick, writes

Fresh milk, not past heat treatment. It may contain pathogens of serious diseases, such as salmonellosis.

Meat, minced meat dishes. Especially dangerous are improperly cooked chicken dishes. Bird - the main source of salmonella. Therefore, going on a picnic, you should buy meat in proven outlets, it is best to choose beef. You can not eat dried and smoked fish homemade, in most cases, it does not undergo quality processing, its use can lead to infection with botulism.

Side dishes of cereals and vegetables. If you are going to kebabs and want to boil, for example, rice the night before, cool it well and put it in the fridge for the night. Before the trip, pack in an airtight container. Before use, be sure to heat to a temperature not lower than 70 degrees.

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Homemade salads from vegetables, meat. The more time passes from the moment of preparation, the higher the risk of getting sick. Especially it concerns food with mayonnaise.

Creamy pastries made at home or in mini-bakeries. The shelf life of these products is small, even if storage conditions are met. Production of large bakeries is less dangerous, since quality control at such enterprises is higher.

Home preservation, especially bought with it. First of all, these are mushrooms and non-acidic vegetables.

When to run to the doctor

Most often, poisoning manifests itself in the form of outbreaks of the disease. That is, there are several victims - these are people who ate the same food. If we are talking about salmonellosis, then signs of infection can occur as early as 2 hours after eating, but more often the incubation period is 6-18 hours.

When infected with E. coli, the symptoms manifest themselves in a day or two, and during botulism, the period of development of the disease lasts from 3 hours to 2 weeks. Signs of pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting. With salmonellosis, chills are possible, the temperature rises to 38 − 39 degrees.

First aid

If we are talking about microbial poisoning, it is possible to solve the problem at home. The victim needs to do a gastric lavage. It is advisable to repeat the procedure 3-4 times. After that, give an enterosorbent (a drug for the rapid removal of toxins). It is important to replenish the loss of fluid in the body that occurs after gastric lavage. It is best to give the victim warm tea, preferably green. If, despite the measures taken, the condition does not improve, you should definitely consult a doctor. Most likely, this is not a microbial poisoning, but a bacterial infection.

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Safe picnic rules

In order not to get sick, you must follow a few rules.

  • To transport food to the picnic area, use the cooler bag. All food must be tightly packed, ready-made meals must be kept separate from raw foods.
  • Raw meat should only be cut with a separate knife. Do not use the dishes in which the barbecue was marinated to prepare another dish, such as a salad.
  • Bring bottled water with you - drinking from sources, wells is dangerous.
  • Stock up disposable dishes. If you prefer porcelain, take enough tableware to avoid using a plate or cup twice.
  • Do not forget to take paper towels, wet wipes, detergents.

Important: at risk - children up to 14 years and older people. Most often, children up to 3 years suffer from food poisoning. For them, a picnic is better to take the usual food.

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