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American Product Guide: Olive Oil


Source: Tasting table

It is incredibly difficult to choose olive oil - just look at all these rows of green bottles in the store to get confused and to panic.

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Especially for those who do not understand the virgin olive oil (extra virgin olive oil), but finally wants to figure out Tasting table made a useful review: they just bought a lot of these bottles and tried the butter on slices of crispy bread.

How did you choose?

Relatively inexpensive brands of oils were purchased for review. They will not take you to the olive farms of Tuscany, but may well be used for a mass of delicious dishes. They took into account the pleasant aroma and taste, the balance of bitterness, fruit shades and sharpness - these were the main criteria.

  • Two leaders

1. California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil (65 cents per ounce)

To the extent that we associate good olive oil with the Greek sun or Spanish farm land, this oil has become the unanimous favorite. Although it is more expensive than most, for the rest of the time, the group could not stop comparing the creamy smoothness of this oil, its delicate taste with a floral peppery tint, with all the other products studied.

2. Trader Giotto's 100% Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (32 cent per ounce)

Less than six dollars for a 500 ml bottle - this product outperformed others. There is a fruity taste followed by prolonged bitterness that never becomes too pronounced.

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  • Worth paying attention

Trader Giotto's Extra Virgin Olive Oil (24 cent per ounce)

Although this budget option was liked as an idea, but a mixture of olives from different European countries eventually had a pronounced synthetic taste right from the bottle. This does not make it useless: suitable for recipes where butter does not play a leading role.

Xnumx Whole Foods Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (35 cents per ounce)

Some oils unpleasantly surprised by the metallic taste, but not this. Oil from Private Label Whole Foods was a fruity, refreshing (and very convenient to eat with bread) option. This is an inexpensive, safe, enjoyable option - take note when shopping in an organic supermarket.

De Cecco (47 cents per ounce)

The unusual grassy aroma (like the smell of a freshly mown lawn) did not allow to recognize other shades of tastes and smells. It is not ideal to dip fresh focaccia into it, but it is perfect for combination with vinegar and lemon juice in a salad dressing.

Bonelli (59 cents per ounce)

When we cut the ciabatta pieces and opened the bottle, the fruit aroma of this pretty brand literally hit the nose (although some thought it was like eating a basket with fresh flowers).

Filippo Berio (63 cent per ounce)

If you are a picky eater who dislikes oils that are either too bitter or too saturated, this golden oil is for you. The neutral scent makes it a great base olive oil to always have in your pantry.

Bertolli (67 cents per ounce)

The most controversial contestant. Some tasters found it mostly bitter, but others liked the pronounced coniferous notes. This is the most expensive oil, and for the same price, it may be worth choosing a brand that we mentioned at the very beginning.

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