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Hyaluronic acid: the 'elixir of eternal youth' or a dangerous trend


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What is hyaluronic acid, why is it used by women around the world, how it affects the skin and body, and whether it is worth using it on yourself, says the portal Clever.

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Hyaluronic acid is positioned as one of the discoveries of our time that can effectively fight aging. In fact, this discovery is almost 90 years old.

For the first time, hyaluronic acid was isolated from the vitreous body of the eye by scientists K. Meyer and D. Palmer. At first, it was not used, but a little later it began to be used for medical purposes. Due to its properties, it is a cure for many diseases associated with the joints. Thus, in the USA, hyaluronic acid is successfully used in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint. It is also one of the most effective remedies for chronic dry eyes.

When the cosmetic properties of hyaluronic acid were discovered, some particularly ardent distributors prophesied that it would be an anti-aging drug. Here it is necessary to clarify that in our body this acid is present initially. It is in the joints, in the cells of the skin.

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Until we are 25 years old, in the body this substance undergoes daily multi-stage processes of decay and re-synthesis, but then this process stops. The body produces "hyaluron", but much less. At first we don't really feel it, but over time, traces of skin wilting become noticeable, and then the joints become not so mobile, they begin to "crunch". In the course of injections, hyaluronic acid is replenished in the body, at the same time, with its help, the face contours are smoothed, and wrinkles are smoothed. Everyone is happy, everyone is happy.

However, the massive introduction of "hyaluronka" in almost every district clinic quickly dispelled the myth about the "elixir of eternal youth." Allergy sufferers were the first to suffer. As experts from the University of Maryland Medical Center explain, if a person is allergic to the components of the drug, then he is threatened with edema of the acid injection zones, as well as swelling of the throat. However, even without allergies in people, after the injection of this substance, the arms and legs can swell, sometimes the limbs become numb, or severe pain occurs in the joints. This is often a temporary effect, but it happens that pain and swelling do not go away, and then you cannot do without the intervention of doctors.

Today, without exception, all dermatologists-cosmetologists confirm that after the procedure with hyaluronic acid, smokers develop hematomas that do not go away for a long time.

The more popular hyaluronic cosmetology gained, the more its fakes appeared. According to the medical journal Vademecum, 2015 percent of injectable drugs in Russia were used illegally in 50.

One of the most famous victims of such a fake was TV presenter Oksana Pushkina. Cosmetologist Helena Rymarenko reportedly injected her with a mixture of liquid silicone and a polymer gel instead of a hyaluronic acid-based drug. As a result, the injection caused a severe inflammatory process, the nasolabial folds turned black, and the drug did not dissolve at all. The beautician was sentenced to three years in prison, but nothing can be corrected.

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Andrey Andrievsky, Ph.D., plastic surgeon, explains that each box with the drug must have its own certificate. The box is opened just before the administration of the drug, and the patient is shown that this is exactly the substance that was planned to be administered. But not all cosmetologists do this.

The doctor also talks about another problem. Due to the high price of hyaluron procedures in official cosmetology clinics, many are trying to save money and turn to private cosmetologists. Often this ends badly. There are cases when such a procedure "at home" led to abscesses, migration of hyaluronic acid - it was introduced in one place, and it "migrated" to another.

If an inexperienced employee accidentally gets a needle into the lumen of the vessel, or makes an injection roughly, a vessel embolism may occur. In this case, during the next day, severe pain, redness of the skin, severe swelling are possible. Necrosis with scarring is not excluded, which can disfigure the face beyond recognition. Even an incorrectly selected concentration of a substance can result in seals under the skin. And that's not to mention the appearance of spots.

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In South Korea, a 49-year-old female patient was once admitted to the emergency room with three days of progressive shortness of breath and cough. The woman was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism as a result of an illegal cosmetic procedure using hyaluronic acid. Before the procedure, the doctor did not find out information about concomitant diseases in the patient. One of them was associated with lung disease. The injection provoked its development. How it provokes the growth of cancer cells if there is at least one active cell in the body, say Korean doctors Hyun Joo Park and Ki Hwang Jong.

Beauty expert Anna Kiselevskaya recalls that, for example, a procedure such as biorevitalization should be carried out regularly, since the injected substance lasts only a month, after which the acid is completely removed. True, in cosmetology centers they assure that the injection is enough for a year or two. And if the body is constantly “replenished” with acid, then it will generally stop producing it on its own. Yes, and the dose will need to be constantly increased. How it ends, says another expert, cosmetologist Ekaterina Anushkevich. According to her, the search for hyaluronic acid in the body does not lead to visual rejuvenation, but to a completely opposite effect.

“Pay attention to women who constantly look after themselves without resorting to injections. Most of them look much younger than those who are inferior to them in age, but have already managed to pump themselves up to the limit with injections, ”says Anushkevich.

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