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Genetic phenomenon: how an unborn woman became a mother of four children



“These children are not yours,” the doctors came to this conclusion after comparing the DNA of Lydia Fairchild and her own children. The very ones she gave birth to, held in her arms as babies, gave them names, raised and raised ... Lydia Fairchild tells the story

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If the story of this woman had not received wide publicity, you would hardly have believed this at all. But what we are going to tell you is real!

In 2002, Lydia Fairchild, a Washington state resident, applied to public services to receive social assistance in connection with her divorce. To do this, she and her husband Jamie Townsend needed to take a DNA test to confirm family ties with children. But, to Lydia's great surprise, the test in her case turned out to be negative ... Jamie Townsend was indeed recognized as the father of the children, but "she is nobody to them." This conclusion was reached in the laboratory.

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Repeated testing brought the same results ... Soon, Lydia began to have huge problems: the woman was summoned to the prosecutor and they began to find out who she was, where she got these children from, who their real mother was, and so on .... Millions of evidence in the form of photographs of Lydia with children, videos, the words of witnesses, including doctors and obstetricians who took birth, did not suit the prosecutor. DNA tests were the main evidence in this case, and their results spoke against Fairchild.

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Fortunately, at that time Lydia was pregnant with her fourth child, and the woman’s lawyer persuaded the court to wait for his birth to compare the baby’s DNA with the mother’s DNA. For the reliability of the results during childbirth, an independent person was even present in the ward, who could confirm that it was Lydia’s child who was tested.

Doctors' surprise knew no bounds when the test again showed a negative result! “Can he really be wrong ?!” - this assumption threatened not only the trial against Lydia, but also all the results of previous DNA tests, on the basis of which death sentences were also issued ...

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And here again the lawyer helped. Alan Tyndall examined the archives and came across another similar case. In 1998, 52-year-old Boston teacher Karen Keegan needed a kidney transplant. The three sons of the woman agreed to be donors, but genetic analysis revealed that only one of them was a native. Studies in this regard showed that Keegan turned out to be a chimera - a creature in the body of which initially there are tissues with different genes.

Based on this article, similar analyzes were conducted with Lydia Fairchild and her relatives. But her situation turned out to be much more complicated ... It turned out that the woman’s skin and hair contain one genome, and the cervix is ​​completely different, corresponding to the genome of her children.

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So the doctors came to the conclusion that Lydia had "tetragamet chimerism." It is formed at an early stage of pregnancy, during the fertilization of two eggs by two spermatozoa and the formation of one organism from two zygotes. In other words, when Lydia’s mother was pregnant, there was another child in her womb - a potential twin of Lydia. But she did not develop as a separate fetus, but was absorbed by her sister at an early stage, so she became part of her body. Lydia’s children were genetically the children of her unborn relative.

So the unborn woman was able to become a mother of four children and bring her sister a lot of worries! Fortunately, after finding out all the details of this unusual case, Lydia Fairchild was acquitted. In 2006, a program dedicated to its history appeared on American television.

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