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Where you can't hide money in your home: 4 popular easy to spot places


Source: Rambler

In the modern world, there are many banks that open different types of deposits and accounts. Some people do not trust this system and are afraid, therefore they try to keep their savings at home, writes Rambler.

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Still, this is also not the most reliable place, but there are several hiding places. We tell you where you definitely can’t hide money.

Wardrobe with things

Experts argue that the most popular place to store cash is a closet with clothes, so criminals examine them first. It is believed that this habit has been preserved since Soviet times, when grandparents hid their savings in the farthest corner of the closet. Now the robbers examine them first.


This is another popular place for people to store their savings. Often money can be found between pages or in a stack of newspapers. Recently, even special cache books have appeared. In such there is a small hole for storing a large bundle of money. However, they still do not make sense, since the shelves are the second place that the robbers examine.

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Under the furniture

Most people think that if you attach money to the back of a sofa that is pushed against the wall, it will be safe, but it does not always work. Firstly, it’s impossible to attach money securely, so eventually someone will definitely find it. Secondly, this place has long been popular, so thieves often look at it. Free space in a folding sofa or chair is also a bad option. Most likely, if he attracts the attention of the robbers, they will carefully look at him.

Jars for cereals

Another way to store money, which has come since the days of the USSR. He was exposed in the Diamond Hand. Before the release of this film, keeping savings in cereals was not so popular, and then the thieves realized that citizens were repeating the characters of the picture.

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