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Where and by whom did Kate Middleton work before the wedding with Prince William?


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Kate, the eldest daughter of Michael and Carol Middleton, always studied well and with interest, but did not sit back after study, despite the fact that by that time her parents had earned substantial capital and could adequately provide for their children for many years.

After graduating from college, the Duchess (like her future husband William) took a break from her studies for a year and left for Italy, then lived for some time in Chile, where she participated in local charity programs. In 2005, Catherine graduated with honors with a degree in art history and started working for her parents' firm. The Party Pieces company, created by a former air traffic controller and flight attendant, brought millions to its founders, which allowed the Middletons to send Kate to a prestigious university, where she met the future king of Great Britain. Catherine's career began with a mail-order mailing and event management firm.

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Three years later, the Middleton's eldest daughter launched her first project of her own called "First Birthdays" First Birthdays. Basically, Kathryn created the company's catalogs, took photographs of the products (Kate is a talented photographer, and most of the time she shoots her children on her own), she was also interested in marketing.

In parallel with this work, in 2006, Kathryn Middleton settled down for half a day to the purchasing department of the London chain of stores. JigsawHowever, a year later she left the company and wanted to start a career as a photographer, professionally taking up this art. It was planned that Kate would take lessons from the famous Mario Testino, the author of a series of the best shots of Princess Diana and her children, but the photographer did not confirm this fact.

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Now the duties of the Duchess Catherine include attending numerous social events and patronage of a series of organizations. And all this - under the scrutiny of cameras and camcorders. Easy such a job can not be called, but for members of the British royal family, the habit of work and impeccable manners is completely normal.

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