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Harry and Megan officially left the royal family: what awaits them next



Prince Harry and his wife Megan officially ceased to perform royal duties, recalls


They will no longer be able to use their royal titles, that is, from now on, they will no longer be contacted by "Your Royal Highness."

In this case, they will remain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and Harry will retain the title of Prince, which he inherited at birth.

They will no longer receive funds from a special article in the UK budget allocated for the maintenance of the royal family.

Their status can be reviewed in a year at the request of Buckingham Palace.

Will they have a new surname?

Rumors of this are already circulating.

In 1952, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip decided that the heirs to the male throne would have the opportunity to use their title instead of their surname or to take the surname of Mountbatten-Windsor.

Mountbatten is the family name of Queen Philip's wife, and the name Windsor, his favorite castle, was chosen by King George V at the height of World War I to distance himself from the German roots of his Saxe-Coburg dynasty.

Before becoming the Duke of Sussex, the Prince bore the secular name of Harry Wales - according to his paternal hereditary title “Prince of Wales”.

However, when Harry and Megan had a son, Archie, the newborn was given the double name Mountbatten-Windsor - in honor of his grandfather, Prince Philip.

Now they say that Megan, already not being an active member of the royal family, can take the same surname as her son.

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Where do Harry and Megan live now?

Last Thursday it became known that the prince and his family left Canada and moved to their native Megan state of California, where they, according to press reports, are going to buy the estate.

They reportedly flew out of Canada on a private flight just before the official closure of the US border in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

Before that, Prince Harry and his wife and son Archie lived for some time on the west coast of Canada on the island of Vancouver, where at the end of last year they spent Christmas holidays.

More recently, it was assumed that they would live in Canada permanently, periodically visiting the UK.

However, their plans suddenly changed, and now Harry and Megan were housed in a rented apartment in the Los Angeles area, where Megan was born and where her mother Doria Ragland still lives.

Why did they leave Canada?

No exact answer was given to this question.

Earlier, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stated that they want a more peaceful life, away from the annoying attention of the British press.

Canada came up for several reasons. Firstly, as the country of the Commonwealth, whose head is formally the British Queen. Secondly, Megan lived there, starring in the series "Force Majeure", and she liked it there. Thirdly, Canada is indeed a calmer country, where the culture of celebrity is not so developed and the attention of the press is not so noticeable.

Therefore, moving to Hollywood, and even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, does not seem like a logical development.

However, according to the British tabloid Sun, which refers to a source close to the pair, Harry and Megan found out that it will be difficult for them to get a work visa.

And since Megan is a US citizen, she would have to report on her income from self-employment and pay taxes in both Canada and the USA, in addition to the regular 15,3% of contributions to social and health insurance funds.

In addition, Canadian authorities said the treasury would not pay for their guards.

Who will pay for the protection?

Last Sunday, US President Donald Trump said on Twitter that the federal budget will not allocate funds to protect the prince and his family:

“I am a great friend and fan of the Queen and the UK. It is reported that Harry and Meghan, who have left the United Kingdom, will live permanently in Canada. They have now left Canada for the United States, but the United States will not pay for their protection. They have to pay themselves! ”

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In response, Harry and Megan confirmed that they intend to bear these costs themselves.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not going to ask the American authorities to allocate funds for protection. Orders have already been issued to pay these costs from private funds, ”said spokesman Harry and Megan in an interview with Fox News.

What money will the prince and his family live on?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expected to live on royalties from public appearances, advertising and book contracts, and, in the case of Megan, from work in film and television.

Megan has already worked on the dubbing movie of the Disney movie studio about the fate of an elephant family in Africa.

This film will be shown on the Disney + cable channel on April 3.

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Will they be financially independent?

Not really. Prince Charles previously announced his intention to provide financial support to his youngest son and his family.

This money will come from the Prince’s personal funds for an annual income of £ 21 million from his dairy farms and enterprises of the Duchy of Cornwall, in particular the Duchy Originals.

Can Harry and Megan use the Sussex Royal brand?

No, they can’t. Queen Elizabeth II and her advisers ruled that Harry and Megan cannot use the word Royal.

Moreover, they will not use their @SussexRoyal Instagram account or their website.

The website and account are no longer valid from April 1, but will not be deleted in the near future, said spokesman Harry and Megan.

What will the duke and duchess do?

As recently stated by their representative, the couple in the next few months will be engaged in their family and continue to participate, as far as possible, in charity projects of interest to them.

According to US Weekly, Megan is interested in writing another cookbook - following the charity project Together: Our Community Cookbook, in which she participated in 2018 to help victims of the fire in the London Grenfell Tower high-rise building.

The same publication, citing an unnamed but close to the duchess source, said that Megan wants to run her The Tig blog again and maybe even launch her own brand of kitchen utensils.

According to the same publication, the couple does not intend to be limited to one child.

Does Harry remain heir to the throne?

Yes. Prince Harry remains the sixth in the line of succession, and his son Archie is the seventh, after the princes Charles and William, as well as the three children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

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