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Scientists have deduced the 'ice cream formula': a recipe with 3 ingredients and the secret of pleasure


Source: New Time

All our lives we ate ice cream wrong. But now, thanks to a new study, you can correct yourself, writes New Time. Don't forget to save the recipe!

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British ice cream brand partnered with Dr Sarah Kemp to share the right way to eat ice cream.

All our lives we ate ice cream wrong. But now, thanks to a new study, you can improve. Dr. Sarah Kemp even introduced the formula for eating ice cream correctly: (i @ -14 ° C + ½S + UDS + 12s) x 2 = MF *.

This is not a humanitarian horror, but simply a sequence of actions that will engage all taste buds for maximum pleasure:

  1. Take the dessert out of the freezer and hold it for 15 minutes in any container until it reaches a temperature of -14 degrees Celsius.
  2. Scoop ice cream so that it occupies half a teaspoon.
  3. Hold the spoon upside down and put the ice cream directly on the tip of the tongue - this way you can feel the first notes of taste.
  4. Rotate the spoon - this way you will feel not only the taste, but also the texture of the ice cream.
  5. Inhale with your mouth - so you plug in all the receptors.
  6. To get the maximum taste, you need to hold ice cream in your mouth for 12 seconds.
  7. Repeat the previous steps until you have eaten your portion.

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The perfect 3-ingredient homemade ice cream recipe (no ice cream)

The recipe is elementary, and there are only three components: condensed milk, instant coffee (if you want to get coffee ice cream at the exit) and whipping cream, that is, those with a fat content of 33%. And in order to end up with a coveted creamy ice cream, and not a simple milk lump, there is one magic trick, writes Life hacker.


200 ml cream with a fat content of 33%;

116 g of condensed milk;

1,5 tbsp. l instant coffee.


  1. Before you start cooking, cool the cream itself, the whisk of the mixer and the container in which you will whip it well. So the process will go faster and easier due to the fact that the cooled fat molecules from the cream are much more willing to say goodbye to the shell surrounding them. They will merge together, surrounding the air bubbles that you saturate the emulsion with while whipping.
  2. Having prepared everything you need, first mix the cream with condensed milk.
  3. Add instant coffee. Of course, coffee can be replaced with other additives like vanilla, a tablespoon of your favorite liquor or a couple of drops of food aromatic essences.
  4. Getting to the whipping. Whipping cream by hand is a thankless task, therefore, if you do not have Hulk strength, but have a mixer, take it and turn it on at medium speed.
  5. When the cream begins to thicken, the speed can be increased to a maximum, but be careful not to whip the butter. The final consistency exactly resembles that of a melted ice cream: a liquid, but saturated with air cream.
  6. When the job is done, all that remains is to pour the ice cream base into a mold suitable for freezing and cover with cling film. We place the container in the freezer for 6-12 hours.

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