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Forbes: how much Alla Pugacheva has earned in her entire career and on what she spends money


Source: KP

15 April Alla Pugacheva turned 70 years. Forbes and KP collected information about how much a star has earned in her entire career and on what she spent and continues to spend money.

Photo: frame from Alisher's video “Tell me, Alla”, 2018. YouTube / Sergey Zaborovsky

The artist is not particularly preparing for the banquet, which on April 20 will gather all the color of show business in one of the restaurants near Moscow. These chores fell on the shoulders of her friends - they will give the birthday girl a beautiful feast.

- On the table at Alla Borisovna, as always, there will be simple Russian food: potatoes, herring, pickles, - says the godmother of the 5-year-old son of Pugacheva Harry, designer Mila Stavitskaya. - And, of course, lean dishes. She will cook the eggplant sauté herself. I don't know what she adds there, but it turns out amazingly.

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The very same hero of the occasion daily disappears in the halls of Glavkino at rehearsals of the anniversary show, which will present on the stage of the Kremlin Palace on April 17. The concert will sound primarily new songs. Old ones will also be, but at a minimum. The scenery on the stage will also be minimal.

“Whoever has money makes fancy decorations. We don’t have that kind of money, the birthday girl said in an interview with KP. - I believe that there should be nothing superfluous on the stage.

However, according to the promoters, Alla Borisovna will be able not only to cover the costs of organizing a solo album, but also to earn decent money on it. All tickets were dismantled on the first day of sales. Now dealers are selling invitations for impressive amounts - from 200 to 400 thousand rubles (about 3-6 thousand dollars) per ticket.

- Pugacheva has not had soloists for 10 years - it is not surprising that there is such a demand for tickets, says producer Alina Krasnaya.

How much will get for the show

“The concert of Alla Borisovna is sponsored by large companies and banks,” the star promoter Sergey Lavrov told KP. - Rostec alone allocated 40 million rubles (621 thousand dollars). Yes, the expenses for the show are rather big: 8 million rubles (124 thousand dollars) - rent of the hall of the Kremlin Palace, one large advertising banner (for a month) costs a million rubles (15500 dollars), one poster - 40 thousand (just over 600 dollars), plus salaries for musicians, dancers, sets, costumes from Yudashkin, which have already spent half a million. But all artists have such expenses, but sponsors have never shown such love to them. I think I received several million euros for the anniversary concert of Pugacheva. The amount given by the sponsors is already one and a half million euros (1,7 million dollars). Plus the average ticket price is 100 thousand rubles ($ 1550). There are 6000 places. So just count ... Pugacheva is still paid more than anyone else, other artists never dreamed of such fees.

According to the promoter, Alla Borisovna, even after leaving the stage, remains a highly paid artist.

- I stand in line to conduct her anniversary tour. Already for one concert in the regions, they are ready to offer her at least 100 thousand euros (almost 109 thousand dollars). But she doesn't want to yet. Moving is very exhausting. And at corporate parties, Alla Borisovna works only for very big money - 300 thousand euros (339 thousand dollars).

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By the way, in the Soviet years, the star could not boast of huge fees.

- Many were sure that after the concert at the stadium Pugacheva leaves with a sack of money. But her rate was only 8 rubles (12 cents) per performance, - the former husband of the singer, director Alexander Stefanovich, shares with the Komsomolskaya Pravda. - She earned 160 rubles ($ 2,49) a month. For comparison: I received a monthly salary for the production director of Mosfilm - 300 rubles ($ 4,6). So during that period, Alla could hardly have accumulated millions.

- She never flaunted, did not buy branded outfits. Her favorite phrase: “There should be just enough money so as not to feel humiliated!” - says producer Alina Krasnaya.

Invest in real estate

Forbes magazine claims that the state of the singer is close to $ 100 millions.

What are the assets at the disposal of the star?

This, of course, real estate. First, the legendary apartment on Tverskaya. On real estate sites, apartments in this house with a similar area of ​​170 squares are estimated at 80 million rubles (1,2 million dollars).

Plus, Alla Borisovna has housing in a luxury house in the Arbat district, in Filippovsky Lane, where Kirkorov and Sobchak own the apartments in the same entrance. According to estimates by realtors, this apartment of Pugacheva costs about 300 million rubles (4,6 million dollars).

There is also a Diva cottage in the village of Malye Berezhki in the Istra district of Moscow region. Pugacheva built it in the early 90's. Three-storey house with an area of ​​1000 square. m is located on the site in 50 hectare.

The cost of a house with a metropolitan realtor Alina Stepanova estimates at 1 million dollars.

And, of course, the castle in the village of Dirt, which costs at least 12 million dollars. True, this house was built by Maxim, and he, as head of the family, bears all the expenses for it.

Alla Borisovna used to have another apartment in Miami, but the singer sold it because she is afraid of long flights. But recently, Pugacheva and Galkin bought property in Cyprus.

“Alla Borisovna, Maxim and their children received the citizenship of Cyprus,” lawyer Semyon Poghosyan, who helped the couple with the paperwork, told KP. - There has been a program on the island since 2011: if you invest in real estate from 2 million euros (2,26 million dollars), you have the right to apply for the citizenship of this country. Together with the buyer, his relatives receive a passport of Cyprus: his wife, children.

Pugacheva bought an apartment in 150-200 squares in Limassol (a city in the south of the island).

The car park at Pugacheva is small but decent. The favorite car of the star “Mercedes Pullman” is of golden color, which the former mayor of the capital, Yury Luzhkov, presented to her There is also a Rolls-Royce version of the Phantom worth million euros (1,13 million dollars).

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Photo: Instagram / alla_orfey

Spends on grandchildren and friends

However, the environment of the artist says: Alla Borisovna spends more than earns. First of all, helps the family, grandchildren. For example, the eldest grandson Nikita Presnyakov, she bought an apartment in Lubyanka, the cost of which realtors estimate at 60 million rubles (932 thousands of dollars).

Plus, her nephew gave Vlada Pugachev an apartment in the Airport area, paid for his treatment in Israel, and put her on her feet. Monthly transferred to the family for 150 thousand rubles (2330 dollars), so that an unemployed relative could support his wife and young son Zhenya. However, Vlad did not appreciate this and, together with his wife, began spending his aunt’s money on drugs and drinks. When the boy's parents rumbled to the drug clinics, Pugacheva took her grand-nephew into custody. Now the boy is growing up in the family of her driver, Igor Polskova, whom he calls his dad.

And the singer spends her pension of 47 thousand rubles (730 dollars, 460 of which is an allowance from the Moscow mayor's office) on a good cause - she transfers it to help a disabled fan. Plus it helps forgotten colleagues. During the life of the actress Tatyana Samoilova, Pugacheva bought her a Mercedes, since the star of the movie "The Cranes Are Flying" due to poor health could not reach the clinic herself. And when Alla Borisovna found out that the author of "Arlekino" Boris Barkas was on the street, she bought him an apartment in the capital. She also paid for the monument to her youth friend Alexander Barykin. And when Boris Moiseev had a stroke, she helped him financially.

“I think the rumors about Pugacheva's great fortune are greatly exaggerated,” says promoter Sergei Lavrov. - Earning and saving are two different things. In the XNUMXs, Alla Borisovna was gambling and loved casinos until they were banned here. Sometimes she won whole fortunes and left the same amount there. Plus, she does not leave loved ones in trouble. For example, she helped her ex-husband Philip Kirkorov at a difficult moment. He had financial problems with the musical "Chicago", debts.

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School closed, now sells handbags

Alla Borisovna never considered herself a successful businessman. Especially after the Vlastilina financial pyramid in 90-s captured its millions, which, like many Russians, the singer took there voluntarily. Therefore, all attempts to make money on something else, except for show business, are more fun for Pugacheva.

And yet there were attempts to invest. In 1990, she released Alla fragrance with the French company Sogo. Perfume bought up like hot cakes, but, according to the singer, she was let down by legal illiteracy when signing a contract. And the star has not received profit.

Failure was waiting for Alla Borisovna and the grocery market. In 2001, the star acquired a shop at a plant in Krymsk and decided to produce chips. In 2006, the plant went bankrupt and was auctioned off for 600 thousand euros (678 thousand dollars).

Last year, the star closed its school “Recital”. Studying at her school cost about 39 thousand rubles (600 dollars) per month, but many talented children whom Pugacheva noticed at the castings studied for free. The business was unprofitable: AB barely had enough money to pay teachers. The singer took the rent of the office in the center of Moscow. But then I decided to make a beautiful graduation ceremony for students, hand out diplomas and close the project.

Now the star is passionate about the shoe business, draws models for a famous brand. On the eve of the anniversary of the artist on sale there was a collection of accessories from the birthday girl. Prices, of course, bite, but fans of the star might want to try on her designer shoes for 16 thousand rubles (250 dollars), clutch for 8 thousand (124 dollars) or scarf for 4 thousands (62 dollars).

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