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Forbes named the 10 richest Russian show business stars


Source: RBC

The Russian editors of Forbes magazine ranked the stars of Russian show business with the highest income, reports RBC.

Photo: Instagram /fkirkorov, bilan official, timati official

Fees were estimated from May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2020 - here one and a half months of downtime due to the coronavirus pandemic are also taken into account. The first place was taken by Sergey Shnurov. So, we got to the top ten:

First place. Sergey Shnurov

Photo Shoot: shnurovs / Instagram

Field of activity: music (frontman of the group "Leningrad")

Income: $ 8,8 million

Age 47 years

Shnurov twice announced the termination of the activities of the Leningrad group: in 2008 (the team was reunited in 2010) and a year ago. But in July this year "Leningrad" released a new video - for the track "Photoshoot".

In addition to his musical career, Shnurov is engaged in the restaurant business. In early 2020, he joined the Growth Party, led by business ombudsman Boris Titov, and in July became its co-chairman.

Second place. Egor Creed

Photo Shoot: egorkreed / Instagram

Field of activity: music

Income: $ 6,9 million

Age 26 years

He collaborated with Timati's Black Star label, left it in 2019 (according to the Black Mirror Telegram channel, the gap cost Creed more than 100 million rubles). In 2018 he was the main character of the reality show "The Bachelor".

Third place. Dima Bilan

Photo Shoot: bilanofficial / Instagram

Field of activity: music

Income: $ 6,8 million

Age 38 years

He was among the mentors of the vocal show "The Voice" on Channel One. In 2008, he became the only Russian representative to win the Eurovision Song Contest (in 2006 he also took part in the competition and took second place)

Fourth place. Basta / Vasily Vakulenko

Photo Shoot: bastaakanoggano / Instagram

Field of activity: music

Income: $ 6,6 million

Age 40 years

Basta was a mentor on the Voice and Voice. Children "on Channel One. Its association "Gazgolder" includes a music label, club, bars and restaurants. Since 2019, Vakulenko owns the SKA Rostov football club

Fifth place. Philip Kirkorov

Photo Shoot: fkirkorov / Instagram

Field of activity: music

Income: $ 6,6 million

Age 53 years

Kirkorov acts as a singer, writes songs for other performers. In 2018, he switched to a younger audience by releasing the video "The color of the mood is blue", which starred Olga Buzova and rapper Purulent.

Sixth place. Polina Gagarina

Photo Shoot: gagara1987 / Instagram

Field of activity: music

Income: $ 6,4 million

Age 33 years

Gagarina is a graduate of the "Star Factory-2". In 2015, she took second place at Eurovision. She was a mentor in the show "The Voice".

Seventh place. Group "Bi-2"

Photo Shoot: levab2 / Instagram

Field of activity: music

Income: $ 6 million

Age Shura (Alexander Uman; pictured on the left) - 50 years old, Leva (Egor Bortnik) - 47 years old

The group has existed since 1988, all-Russian fame came to it in 2000, when the composition "Nobody Writes to the Colonel" was included in the soundtrack for the film "Brother-2"

Eighth place. Grigory Leps

Photo Shoot: gvleps / Instagram

Field of activity: music

Income: $ 5,3 million

Age 58 years

In addition to music, he is engaged in business: Leps has his own jewelry house and restaurants. The singer was also a mentor in the show "The Voice"

Ninth place. Timati / Timur Yunusov

Photo Shoot: timatiofficial / Instagram

Field of activity: music

Income: $ 5,1 million

Age 36 years

In 2006 he founded the Black Star label, and the group of the same name later included a clothing brand, a tattoo parlor and a fast food chain. Timati recently announced his departure from Black Star, but will retain a part of the merger companies and shares in several projects.

Tenth place. Ivan Urgant

Photo Shoot: urgantcom / Instagram

Field of activity: TV

Income: $ 5,1 million

Age 42 years

Before working on Channel One, he hosted programs on MTV Russia. Since 2012, he has been running his own show "Evening Urgant" - an analogue of American evening author's talk shows.

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