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Fitness tour - recreation of a new format

Anna Garnets

Fitness trainer, author of HitFit weight loss method


I've been in love with fitness for years. Everything that surrounds me and happens to me is somehow connected with this, and rest is no exception. Once we left the format of lazy beach felting in all inclusive hotels, filled our rest with movement, a great company of people with one idea - and we got our first fitness tour in 2012. Since then, there have been 9 of them in various places and countries, and the format of active recreation itself has become very popular all over the world and has been divided into many different directions.

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What are the types of fitness tours?

What result can be expected from such a trip?

How to determine exactly what suits you?

Let's talk about it and answer in detail all the questions.

What do you choose when you buy a subscription to a fitness club: Pilates, dance, power classes or personal training with a trainer in the gym? Everyone pays attention primarily to what he will visit most often and what he likes.

Also, when choosing a tour, you should make a start not only from the desire to lose weight, but also watch the program and the level of load.

Suggestions may be completely different:

Booth Camp (Boot camp) - high intensity exercise, endurance tests, strict diet and complete isolation from external stimuli. A great way to reboot for those who like to exercise regularly, but at the same time are mired in an office routine or are looking for new emotions. Load: high and very high, only for trained people, ready for a lot of stress. Not suitable for those who have no training experience, subtle natures with a vulnerable psyche. I confess that this is my dream for many years. Mountains, a closed area in a deep forest, the perimeter is equipped with obstacle courses, which participants overcome 3 times a day under the loud shouts of a 2-meter trainer, who has at least the marines behind him. 10 days in such conditions - and you were born anew, only with abs cubes.

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A mixed tour that includes a variety of activities - from strength training to stretching and yoga, nutritional control and thematic educational workshops. The purpose of such a tour is to combine training, rest and communication in the company of like-minded people, sufficiently accessible for any level of fitness. A great option for anyone who needs to cheer up or need an inspiring kick. 7-10 days under the supervision of a trainer, 2-3 workouts a day, nutritional control and a lot of useful information can set you up for the right regimen, which you will want to follow after your return. Of course, a lot depends on the organizers and the qualifications of the trainer, so be interested in reviews from past trips and what kind of tour will be with the trainer or company you have chosen. Load: medium +. Who is not suitable: lovers of heavy and extreme loads, introverts (although I always advise everyone to try to change their usual environment and get out of their comfort zone).

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Tours that focus on yoga and meditation strictly follow DIET (strict avoidance of animal products). I dare to suggest that this type of tourism appeared much earlier than the first fitness hangouts and the choice in this segment is huge. You can fly to a distant island with experienced "hedgehogs" and study asanas by the ocean, you can go to a spa hotel on the other side of the planet and get a full range of services, including physical exercises, body detox programs and meditation to balance the inner and outer, or you can live in tents in the mountains and start your morning meditation at the edge of the forest at dawn. The choice is huge - both for any requirements and for any budget. Load: from low to high, depending on the type of practice. Who is not suitable: those who are not ready to dive into themselves and slow down for a while. For those who are not ready to give up animal products, since 99% of such tours have vegetarian meals. Fitness weekends are short but effective tours that can help reboot your brain and relieve stress. An excellent type of outdoor activity in a company with like-minded people. It can include different services, depending on what your goals are. The direction with an emphasis on weight loss will include diet food, possibly detox programs in combination with physical exercises and spa treatments (massage, steam bath or water treatments). For whom it is not suitable: this is a fairly universal direction, but if you are looking for peace and quiet, then be sure to ask if there are many participants with children traveling.

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Thematic short tours are 3-4 days dedicated to different areas of fitness, where they gather the best trainers and lecturers on healthy lifestyles. Workouts replace one another, and in the evening training seminars and fun are held with cool music.

These tours accumulate a lot of interesting, active and successful people in one place.

Losing weight here fades into the background, the main thing is the drive from the fact that you are in a company with people who share your interests.

Who does not fit: those who love only one type of stress and constancy.

Is it possible to count on the fact that on such a trip you will lose weight? Everything depends on the format and duration of the tour. Increased physical activity, proper nutrition and regimen even over a week can affect the quality of the body. Much less on the scales is better not to strive, as this will occur due to the loss of fluid, which will immediately return when you continue your normal rhythm of life. It is better to enjoy every moment, to enjoy workouts and eating right, and to transfer the maximum of good habits into ordinary life, which subsequently will give a significant and stable result.

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So, if you are a fitness fan and you want to drive, even on vacation, then a thematic short fitness tour party will suit you perfectly.

If you love peace or are overwhelmed in everyday life and are looking for silence, then yoga tours are what will be useful to you.

If you do not have the opportunity to allocate 7-10 days for a full-fledged trip, but you want to refresh your body and spend time with benefit, then your option is short weekend tours.

Well, if you are ready to work out the monthly workout rate for the week, live in the company of unfamiliar women and follow the trainer's recommendations, then a universal fitness tour will suit you perfectly.

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