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Philip Kirkorov boasted a luxurious mansion in Miami



Kirkorov is not used to hiding his luxurious life. And this time, the singer proudly conducted an online tour of his mansion in the United States.

Photo: fkirkorov / Instagram

The king of the Russian pop scene, Philip Kirkorov, is raising a daughter and son. The artist does his best to ensure that they have a happy childhood. Alla Victoria is now 9 years old, and Martin is 8 years old. The star family recently flew to Miami.

The artist has his own house in this city. Philip Kirkorov and his children boasted a luxurious mansion. The famous father recorded a small room tour on video.

The video also showed the husband and daughter of Christina Orbakaite - dentist Mikhail Zemtsov and 8-year-old Klavdia.

Recall that Alla-Victoria is in the third grade, and Martin is in the second. Children try to please their dad with their successes. Moreover, the singer closely monitors their progress.

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Photo: fkirkorov / Instagram

By the way, according to the calculations of journalists, the education of the heirs costs the artist 145 thousand rubles (about 1 dollars) per child per month. Moreover, upon the admission of his son and daughter to school, the famous father made an obligatory one-time contribution - 900 thousand rubles ($ 300) each for Martin and Alla-Victoria.

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