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Feminists, who are they, where are they from and why?

Sergey Evelev

writer, TV and radio host


What woman does not want to be free? Free from prejudice. Who does not want to live without clouds hanging over her from dogmas, remnants of the past and suffocating traditions, originating in the Stone Age? We tried to figure it out with writer and columnist Sergey Yevlev.

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This is a rhetorical question rather than an answer. And how was it for centuries? Women were seized as prey, they were used to pay off, even for a profitable marriage of the daughter of one king, count, mayor, to the son-grandson-nephew of another. And so it lasted for millennia, which can be talked about on hundreds of pages, but this has already been done repeatedly, and therefore - we will not. And at some point, when, probably, the number of humiliations and insults went off scale, the women rebelled. All living beings rise up one day, that's how we are. And slowly - from the seventeenth century, if not earlier, and up to the present day - the struggle of women for equal rights, sexual emancipation, the right to participate in political life on an equal footing and receive equal wages with men comes to the fore. Why not, that they are worse?

But I'm not about what was conceived, but about what came of it. It turned out to be "excesses in the localities", and on many, as it sometimes happens, about which the all-proletarian grandfather Lenin personally warned when he tried to free his woman, Krupskaya, that is. Whether from myself, from the bourgeois-money-bags, I don't remember. And I still don't know if I did.

Let's take a look at America of the 21 century, and, looking at the situation from a bird's-eye view, we will try to bring only facts and, maybe, a little lung analysis we add.

And what are you and I, friends, see, just having pulled away? What came out of this struggle and its undoubted success in general?

It turned out that now in the workplace to pinch her ass, look at her piercingly, tell a greasy anecdote, hint at her color, shape, size, appetite or lack thereof, and generally do something that hints at her gender, there is a categorically impossible, stupid, dangerous and can lead to irreversible consequences, up to and including dismissal, or even trial. Many women are insanely happy with this. Therefore, those who do it all and are not afraid of anything are surrounded by special love and respect in the workplace. Bold that is. The secret is, by the way, terrible, military, secretly and therefore deeply hidden. A woman, as it turned out attention is still necessary or even necessary. It is attention to a woman and not to a comrade, employee, colleague / sister-in-arms in the struggle for the continuing enrichment of the employer, at the cost of folding their minutes-days-hours-years into a box of wasted life. After all, we work for the benefit of others and at the same time spend our personal potential, precisely because of this, we have never aimed at finding, finding and improving ourselves. What about what YOU want and what YOU need?

We run, and there is no time left for questions from where-who-where and why neither strength nor time. Although this is already a lecture on a completely different topic, which is in passing in my new book “Escape to the Earth” recently published (about to appear on Amazon and on Lulu), it is mentioned.

So what am I talking about?

And I mean that women took abruptly from a low start in the direction of complete freedom from what was associated with their role for thousands of years.

And there was no reconciliation on some aspects of this struggle. For example,

the struggle for and against abortion is still hotly and irreconcilably discussed. The fight is serious, and although it rarely splashes out on the pages of newspapers and television screens (only when some kind of terry activist shoots the staff of the clinic where abortions are done, for example), it doesn’t go to the background. Of these and other sharp materials of politics, the platform is made up for the collective stupefaction of naive voters, and comedians on this subject are joking from the stage. All participate, all are applied as much as possible and courage in organization.

Some girls, for example, go into models, and there they are also seriously exploited, but no one rises. In harems to this day, thousands of women are staying for the constant delight of the eyes and other parts of the bodies of the shahs and other padishahs concerned with feminism. In the intervals between visits to the harems, they are worried about their own, drowning in money, we mistakenly send them to us in exchange for oil, which we also have, in my opinion.

In many countries, feminism is not yet on the agenda at all, and what they are doing with women is scary to imagine. But it is there. And here?

And here we are married girls do not hurry. Is it good? Look at the root. Why not rush? And why should they hurry?

The housing issue is not so acute here. If you need an urgent intricacies of bodies, you can hide in the car for a while. Parents go to work, on vacation, on a business trip, and the children, on the contrary, go to bed, or under the bed, or, according to the Zodiac, they are so easy to take a bath or shower, into their native element. In addition, almost at every corner of the motels stumbled precisely for these purposes - I don't want to go to bed.

We are moving further.

Walking the path laid by the activists, many girls want independence, careers, the right to the word –– opinion –– respect –– respect in the family, at work and in society. Is it good or bad? Good, I guess. They postpone marriage until the moment when they are already engineers-doctors-programmers and only then enter the market for the distribution of family cells in order to maintain the functionality of society. No, well, there is, of course, love to the grave, which originated back in school at a neighboring school desk, which we managed to carry through the years of violent sexual emancipation at the university (and what, isn't there

are coming? And for what? ) and convey to the very altar. And then together 60 years, 3 children, 8 grandchildren, 21 great-grandson, etc. It happens. But not often. More often it is different.

If you believe the statistics (although you want not to believe her), then out of every 10 weddings -

(the marriage and marriage industry needs to be supported) then 6 divorces are formed (lawyers for sawing divorces and their property must also somehow be fed). And it's not scary if you don't think about it. And if you suddenly think about it, it turns out that it is as if a factory produces 10 cars on the roads, of which 6 do not drive, or drive, regularly knocking down pedestrians. This is a mess, comrades, we ought to sort it out. But earlier, for example, at 16-20 they got married, and the head during these years, it has not yet taken shape completely. Until we figured it out, you’re already looking at some kind of house, or you managed to settle in an apartment. There are kids in toys too. Divorce is lazy, children are traumatized and, again, there is no need to enrich lawyers unnecessarily. And according to the new scheme, by the age of 30 she (and he, too) had gained experience and not only sexual, and now this-she-not-so, and-that-he-not-very. It's hard to find, even if you know what you are looking for. Moreover, the better you know, the less chances you have of finding a prince, a bandit, or a firefighter.

What else.

Some girls, suffering from a lack of attention to her as a woman, become gladiators. These are brokers in the securities market, and referees in football or some other cultural and for a lot of money, fights. Among them are the leaders of entire international conglomerates and many others, no less responsible. These both at work and at home have the strictest army discipline, as a rule. Both husband and children

(if available) they always receive exact commands where to fall and how many times to push up. The switch from the mode - "Tiger at work" / "Kitty at home" has not yet been invented, and if it has been invented, it often jams, and only in one direction. She does not know how to pussy at work, and at home she also does not work very well. Again, there are a lot of exceptions around, but someone very cleverly said (not me) that the exception only confirms the rule. And most often this tigress chooses for her husband not an even more powerful lion, but, on the contrary, a soft, quiet, tame, subject to a soft teddy bear. And then the question crept in: does she feel like a woman with him or not? I will not answer, let the heroines themselves answer, although the answers will probably be different. Well, okay.

What else have we not considered?

It has become a lot (or it just seems so) of men of the same-sex direction towards

"The opposite of women." And what if nature has thrown such a trick? I saw that women are feminizing en masse, and decided to close men on each other so that they would not waste time in vain or not suffer? Probably a stupid idea, though, who can know for sure? Nature is a mother, and she has her own laws, understandable or not. Why isn't prostitution legalized, is that not good? And what exactly is wrong? And if not good, then why does it exist? Isn't this discrimination against women? If not, why not? And why is it allowed in some countries, tolerated in others, and in others for this they kill, stoned? Feminism has not yet blossomed there? And I don't know if it will bloom someday.

Well, the last.

It is time, probably, to begin muzhinism (male feminism) slowly, as a movement, to launch to the masses. Until the fire, look 2-3 hundreds of years and will pass. But then, after all, a man from a once lion, the king of animals (at least, he wanted to think about himself), gradually turns into another being, which I will not call here, I don’t know exactly how. Catch him, poor thing, forcing him to one, then to another. Then he, although for love of sex, got carried away with a child of 17 years and three-quarters and nearly fell short of the wedding. Total 3 month was not enough. For this, he was offered to practice 5-7 for years in places not so remote. Well this is necessary, how unlucky! And in Japan or Mexico, it seems, they would not be imprisoned for the same thing. There are some other morals and other figures on the same topic are raging. Therefore, you need to go abroad, if you are already very impatient. The child was born from you (with whom there is no stormy night on the drunken stoned head), pay her, innocent of this, 18 years.

Decided to get divorced, give her, unable to support herself, a decent piece of the collected / earned. And many more such nice rules-laws were invented so that the king of animals no longer felt that way, and walked quietly in the flock, did not show off and, accordingly, did not pay obvious attention to the females (well, I spoke about their ladies in such a disrespectful manner) , but only secretly inside myself I admired their freedom and - rejoiced).

Feminism ... a good word and a deed, for sure, not bad. Unless, of course, as doctors advise about alcohol-tobacco-oil-red meat-pizza-women, men and climbing Elbrus - no frills, little by little. And we are humanoids, as we grab it, you can't tear it off later. I do not even think that the fact that almost a third of the population is taking antidepressants has anything to do with this. But the medicine-producing companies reassure us and say that, they say, by the fiftieth year, a whole half of the population will calm down, on pills, that is. And they are serious guys, if they say anything, they will definitely do it, since they have both money and power in their hands. But actually, what else is needed?

So, long live feminism, communism, and in general, any ism ... since we all will soon have the same pohrenism drum. Although it is still a little fluttering. And we, and they. Oh, you girls! And we, thought ... that you are soft, feminine, tremulous, defenseless, in need of male protection, prompting, custody? But it turned out that oh, how stupid we were when we thought so.

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